KeMotion software

universal applicability

  • Complete Plug&Play software for robots
  • Functional scope can be expanded
  • Adaptable regarding characteristics and functionality
KeMotion software universal applicability

TeachView - Teach-In with Ketop

Besides the motion functionality KeMotion offers a complete Teach-In for every robot. It can be used to immediately create and execute robot sequence programs at no cost. Information regarding the current position of the robot, EMERGENCY STOP, operational condition of the robot and programs have already been integrated.

Complete Teach-In for the robot control system

Complete Teach-In for the robot control system
  • Guided programming of robot sequences
  • Take-over of programs which were created
  • Exporting of sequence programs to other plants
  • No programming effort for the creation of a man-machine interface
  • Short time-to-market of the robot

Expandable through mask programming

Expandable through mask programming
  • Individual user masks
  • Simple programming with XML coding
  • Static or dynamic visibility of the masks
  • Simple creation of masks for the specific application