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Modularity times two _2013-02-06

The KePol dualbox module offers more than double the number of lockers in the same space!

The new KEBA dualbox module – for double the parcels with the same footprint.
KePol parcel machines are famous for their modularity. And now the Austrian automation specialist KEBA has launched a new product feature onto the market that provides even greater flexibility and investment protection. This is the innovative KePol dualbox module, which is unique in the market and offers many more lockers with an unchanged footprint. 
To date, the boxes in the KePol machine modules were available in the sizes S, M, L, XL und XXL. However, especially in the case of smaller parcels, letters and registered mail, the locker width was over-dimensional.
The dualbox module now offers 26 boxes instead of the usual average of ten, while retaining the same footprint as the standard module. For postal and logistics companies this means:
  • a reduction in the costs per box
  • lower location rents and
  • an optimized ratio between the space available
    and the total of boxes employed. 
Naturally, the dualbox module fits smoothly into the modular concept of the KePol parcel machines and an existing standard module is replaced easily and on the spot by a dualbox module. Moreover, operational KePol machines can be supplemented by virtually any number of dualbox modules, which also provide boxes in various sizes that can be combined freely in line with customer requirements.
For delivery companies, the dualbox module means shorter distances when depositing parcels and therefore even faster and more efficient box loading. 


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