KEBA Procurement

Quality - Flexibility - Total cost

A significant portion of the value and know-how manifested in our products comes from the parts delivered by our suppliers.
KEBA Procurement Quality - Flexibility - Total cost
Our suppliers are carefully selected partners who, as technological leaders and logistics experts, contribute to our success through their ability to deliver highest quality, through flexibility, rapidity, and the competitive price of their goods.

What is purchased by KEBA?

As a strongly diversified company KEBA purchase a broad range of goods and services.

Important commodities are: 
  • Electronic components and PCB‘s
  • Displays
  • Motors and Drives
  • PC-COmponents
  • KEBA-specified parts in metal or plasticsf
  • Components for the banking industry
  • Standard cables and cable assemblies
  • Control cabinet assemblies
  • Various services like hard- and software development, consulting and so forth.

Which expectations has KEBA for existing and potential suppliers?

The prior requirements and expectations from KEBA for existing and potential suppliers can be found in the KEBA – Supplier Handbook.

How could you become supplier at KEBA?

You have the chance to register yourself in a proactive way by starting the registration process via the KEBA – Supplier Portal.
To register click here: Supplier Registration