KEBA Procurement

Quality - Flexibility - Total cost

A significant portion of the value and know-how manifested in our products comes from the parts delivered by our suppliers.
KEBA Procurement Quality - Flexibility - Total cost
Our suppliers are carefully selected partners who, as technological leaders and logistics experts, contribute to our success through their ability to deliver highest quality, through flexibility, rapidity, and the competitive price of their goods.
We strive to establish long-term business relationships with our suppliers and integrate them in the development process of new KEBA products at an early stage. KEBA is also known for its prompt payment.

Products and specifications

Purchasing at KEBA consists of 3 strategic purchasing teams.

Team 1 – electronic devices
Active and passive components, optoelectronic and displays, capacitive touch screens, card readers, scanner modules, cable, connectors, circuit boards, switch-key, switches, joysticks

Team 2 – Mechanics (norm parts) and system components
System components bank automation, metal parts, security container, touch panels, keypad, plastics, C-parts, additives and operating supply item, packaging

Team 3 - Sourcing and purchase of services
IT, software, transport and shipping, development partners, freelancers, contact for potential manufacturers and suppliers
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