Sparda-Bank Südwest celebrates its 111th KEBA cash recycler



In only two years, the Sparda-Bank Südwest has purchased 111 KEBA cash recyclers. Reason enough for a celebration and the presence of Hans-Jürgen Lüchtenborg (Chairman Sparda-Bank), Gerhard Luftensteiner (CEO KEBA), Benjamin Leicht (Senior IT manager, Sparda-Bank Südwest) and Walter Kuhn (Sales KEBA Germany) at the Emmeransstrasse branch for the installation of the 111th machine.


New branch concept with self-service cash recycling

For KEBA, the teamwork with the German Sparda banks began more than ten years ago and in 2012, Sparda-Datenverarbeitung eG, (SDV for short) approved the company’s self-service cash recyclers.

The Sparda-Bank Südwest opted for KEBA cash recyclers immediately after this approval was granted. The background to this decision was a new branch concept that foresaw the removal of all teller counters. Accordingly, the transactions previously dealt with at the counters were transferred systematically to KEBA’s self-service machines.

Above all, this switch to counter-free branches with self-service cash recyclers serves the expansion of customer services, as bank staff have more time for consultations and can thus look after their clients in optimum fashion.

Gerhard Luftensteiner, the KEBA CEO: “With its strategic reorientation of branch concepts, the Sparda-Bank Südwest has adopted a forward-looking approach. The fact that this is being supported by our reliable self-service devices with their advanced technology is for us especially pleasing.”


With full cover to success

In just two years, the Sparda-Bank Südwest has already installed 111 KEBA cash recyclers in its roughly 80 branches and self-service areas. As a result, full coverage has been achieved, which according to Benjamin Leicht (Senior IT manager of the Sparda-Bank) is one of the main reasons that this technology has been so well received. “Our clients know the system and don’t need to adjust when they visit another branch. In addition, our employees can provide each other with mutual assistance, as the equipment is identical in all the branches.”


Proven in practice

Since its launch the new equipment has proved equally convincing for customers and employees alike, and both groups have accepted the new systems for deposits and withdrawals.

Benjamin Leicht: “We opted for KEBA systems as they proved their practical excellence during a pilot scheme. We have also been impressed by the performance of the KEBA equipment and its high availability levels have had a direct influence upon customer acceptance.”

Furthermore, the closed cash cycle provides positive support during the efficient solution and optimization of counter area requirements such as the “counter” accident prevention regulations and the 4-eye principle.

Mainz, the home of song and laughter

The choice of the installation of the 111th cash recycler as the raison d’être for the visit of the KEBA managers to the Rhine-Main region was no accident and the carnival traditions of the area did not fail to extend to the cash recyclers from Austria.


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