VKB-Bank receives the 1,000th KEBA cash recycler in Austria



KEBA and the VKB-Bank recently celebrated a very special jubilee with the installation of the 1,000th KEBA cash recycler in Austria at the bank’s branch in the Rudigierstrasse in Linz, Upper Austria.

The VKB’s CEO, Dr. Albert Wagner, Dietmar Maier, business director infrastructure and Thomas Horvath, the bank’s head of core bank IT, were on hand to watch events together with KEBA’s CEO Gerhard Luftensteiner as well as Klaus Baumann and Franz Leitner from the KEBA sales team.


A cash recycling pioneer

The implementation of the closed cash cycle is still regarded today as a milestone in banking automation. KEBA led the way in this technological breakthrough with the presentation of the first prototypes in Europe during 1993 and since then has constantly been a cash recycling trailblazer.


VKB-Bank as a new client

Last year, the VKB-Bank also finally became convinced of the advantages of cash recycling. The decisive factor in this regard was the extremely mature technology employed in the systems and their excellent availability levels.The introduction of the new 5-euro banknotes in the Euro Series 2 also prompted the VKB-Bank to substitute some of its cash deposit machines, as these older systems would have been unable to recognize the new note. The “Introduction of cash recycling and 5 cash recycler installation” project was subsequently completed in just two months.

A short time ago, the VKB-Bank then ordered another KEBA cash recycler, which as things transpired turned out to be the 1,000th machine of its type to be installed in Austria by the company.


Forecasts for cash recycling

With the installation of cash recycling systems at its branches, the VKB-Bank has turned to an established technology with major future potential. A genuine triumphal progress is forecast for cash recyclers that will also extend to Austria. Indeed, the number of deposit systems (including those with a cash recycling function) is predicted to increase by 56 per cent in the period up to 2020.

1,000th KEBA cash recycler in Austria

The installation of the 1,000th machine at the VKB customer centre in Linz, Rudigierstrasse was celebrated in style, Gerhard Luftensteiner having arrived with a cake for the entire staff and a glass sculpture by Andrea Gira-Spernbauer to mark the occasion.

Gerhard Luftensteiner: “We are extremely pleased that KEBA’s 1,000th cash recycler just happens to have been installed at a VKB bank in Linz. Virtually all the banks in Austria already rely on KEBA solutions and we are continually expanding our market share in Austria, Germany and internationally.”

Dr. Albert Wagner, the VKB-Bank CEO: “We opted for KEBA as an Austrian manufacturer, as on the one hand, we estimate both regionality and proximity, and on the other are convinced by the quality displayed by KEBA products. KEBA’s focus is on technological innovations, which also embody the highest standards of craftsmanship, reliability and safety. Therefore, for us KEBA is the ideal partner.”


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