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The security and efficiency plus.

Integrated into an holistic concept for the first time.

Stephan Danner
Head of Product Management

Whenever the issue is money, the topic of security plays an extremely important role. KEBA considers security aspects when developing and designing its products. Particularly safe components, such as the banknote validator, are specifically used.

How to protect your customers

1. Prevention

This includes precautionary measures to suppress manipulations to self-service devices, break-ins and attacks, e.g. cash access protection, safes and locks, locking concepts, security mirrors or the anti-skimming solution CPK+.

2. Protection

To protect the banknote recycling module against manipulation attacks, cryptographic encryption is carried out to the card reader and recycling module. It protects the communication between platform and hardware and prevents the readout of sensitive card data.

3. Detection

These are opportunities for early detection of illegal manipulations or breakups of ATMs, e.g. KEBA intrusion detection (door lock monitoring) or the KePlus Skimming Device Detection.

Play it safe!

KePlus Skimming Device Detection

The number of manipulations to self-service devices, known as skimming incidents, rose sharply in recent years. Such attacks cause not only financial, but also reputational losses, which have a negative impact on customer acceptance. For this reason, the security of your self-service system should be given top priority.

KePlus Skimming Device Detection reliably and effectively monitors the area around the card reader hole. Any permanent change to the monitored environment is detected and forwarded to the switching electronics. It actively protects against tampering to the card reader hole.

Maximum efficiency


Optimized cash management

By securely recognizing duplicate withdrawals by the banknote validator, individual cassettes can be exchanged in place of the entire cartridge device. This results in lower process costs and lower costs for cash supply as well as a lower interest loss from tied capital and a savings potential for transported securities of between 10 and 40 percent.

Simplified banknote tracking

The banknote validator recognizes not only duplicate withdrawals, but also reliably recognizes banknote serial numbers. Banknote backtracking is thus more efficient in terms of time and costs.


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