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Optimize bank processes with a closed cash cycle

Cash is expensive and, due to low interest rates and rising cost pressures, it is an important factor for the economic efficiency and competitiveness of banks and savings banks.

They are facing the challenge of maintaining an optimized method for dealing with cash and achieving increases in efficiency in the cash supply, whilst at the same time securing the population’s cash supply.

High-availability cash recycling systems with a closed cash cycle can replace ATMs, teller and night safe combinations, as they combine all transactions for deposit and withdrawal in one single device.

The more process steps that are eliminated in the cash cycle, the greater the savings.

economic efficiency

By closing and optimizing the cash supply and disposal cycle, branches can increase their economic efficiency.

More time for sales activities

Bank employees can devote more time to sales activities, as time-intensive business transactions are moved from the counter to the self-service area and are processed efficiently on the cash recycling device.

branch concepts

Cash recycling is an important factor in supporting self-service sales strategies and implementing modern branch concepts.


Strong partner

Global market leader in cash recycling

The fact that it has taken only a decade for recycling technology to revolutionize the banking processes is thanks to the pioneering role and comprehensive expertise of KEBA: In the 1990s KEBA presented its first ideas on recycling.
On the other hand, the success of cassette-based recycling technology also lies in the long-standing cooperation of KEBA with strong, international technology partners such as Hitachi Omron Terminal Solutions (HOTS).

The Japanese company takes two thirds of the recycling world market making it the world leader in cash recycling. Thanks to the extensive know-how and long-standing experience of both companies, the performance of KEBA ATMs, which are now in their fourth generation, has been significantly increased.

The result are transaction times and availability rates that set the benchmark on the market.


Performance at the next level

Cash recycling in a new dimension

The new, ultra-compact cash recycling module of the evo series opens up completely new possibilities: Up to eight denominations are recycled with just five cassettes. This optimizes processes, increases efficiency and creates the freedom for designing the services that are available in your branch.

KEBA is greener than ever before

KEBA is more energy-efficient than ever with the evo series. Because the cash recycling module, which has undergone further development, reduces energy costs and protects resources in a sustainable way.


ECB approval

KEBA self-service recyclers are equipped with banknote inspection devices, which are approved by the European Central Bank in combination with a specific software version.

Using this ECB link you can determine the machine ID and approval period for your KEBA self-service recycler:


Optimized payments

Innovation scanning

Potential for optimization exists not only in the field of cash handling cash. Banks and savings banks also experience an efficiency gap in the “paper-based transaction” process caused by the high costs of transporting paper and the expense of further processing.

To fill this gap, in 1997 KEBA developed the self-service scanning module TOSCA (Total Scanning).

TOSCA recognizes OCR A+B on standard characters, including recognition of machine and proportional fonts and numerical and alphanumeric block handwriting.

It is sold as an OEM product for self-service applications and is already in use in more than 12,000 applications worldwide. KEBA’s in-house development TOSCA is today the most distributed scanner on the German market.

TOSCA is used in the following systems:


KePlus X6se

The multi-functional cash recycling ATM for paying in and withdrawing banknotes and coins, as well as for bank transfers.

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KePlus K6

The multi-functional account service terminal for balance inquiries and transfers.

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