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    At KEBA, we strive every day to make professional and personal lives more convenient and simpler through automation solutions.

    Our innovations are first and foremost the result of our employees’ courage and passion. What is also required is a working atmosphere that is open to new ideas, as well as a commitment by the company to invest in the future. With a research and development quota of 20%, KEBA is sending a clear signal.

    Speed is not only a factor that moves our markets:

    Even the brightest minds need a break at times. For example by jogging together, bowling, or playing football. Anyone who enjoys exercise and games will find a few like-minded souls at KEBA with whom they can share their hobbies.

    Use your curiosity and expertise to contribute to the development of innovative solutions in the technological epicenter of Austria.


    We are offering more than just a job: a steppingstone for your future.


    Autonomous job design

    Employees are helped to design their own development and to accept tasks that correspond to their interests and strengths.

    Home office

    Every employee has the opportunity to use home office days.

    Training and Further Education

    Training, workshops, seminars, meetings, and conferences as well as in-house training are components of our wide selection of training and continuing education.

    Workplace & Infrastructure


    Our employee restaurant offers three freshly prepared entrees daily at reasonable prices. One of these is vegetarian. For those who are a little hungry in between meals there are fruit, cakes, and any number of other tasty treats.

    Good public transport options

    Headquarter Linz: We are centrally located and easy to reach by bike, streetcar and bus. Our location provides excellent connections to the main train station. The Muehlkreis train station is just a few minutes away down a short footpath.


    Linz location: There are also a number of parking options available on the company premises. Employees can rent a parking space outside or in the underground garage.


    Mentor program for a good "arrival", welcome map, welcome meeting for new employees, feedback meeting with management, orientation program, first employee review meeting after six months, then following about once a year.

    Weekly fruit basket

    Once a week a fruit basket provides our employees with fresh vitamins.

    Health & Fitness

    Health practices

    Courses in back exercises, presentations on nutrition, entirely non-smoking offices, sponsoring sports activities. The opportunities at KEBA to stay fit and active are numerous: running, cycling, sailing, ice hockey, badminton, soccer...

    Company doctor

    The company physician is available at regular intervals to all employees for personal consultation. We also offer vaccination programs.

    Powernap Room

    Powernapping improves concentration and energizes you for the afternoon. Our Powernap Room offers beds and comfort for relaxation during the lunch break.


    Flexible working hours

    Our employees have a flexible working schedule available to them.


    The KeLounge is an extra leisure area created for our employees located at the headquarters in Linz. Billiards, darts, foosball table as well as a kitchen are available for meetings and events.

    Flexible work

    On the one hand this applies to different parental leave and part-time models, on the other hand we support the flexible selection of workplaces (eg working corners)

    Time off

    There are three different tipes of time-outs available.

    Discounts & Contributions

    Profit sharing

    We offer a model for employee participation in the company's success.

    Employee discounts

    A number of partnerships allow our employees to use various services at very reasonable prices (e.g. group health insurance, public transport, fitness, sports gear etc.)

    People Stories

    Our numerous KEBA subsidiaries offer our colleagues many challenges in the national and international environment. Some of our employees have already taken the opportunity and gone abroad for KEBA. There they were able to sharpen and develop not only their professional, but also their personal and intercultural skills in various tasks.

    If you don't go to the tiger's cage, how can you get the tiger's baby

    Christoph Hauser

    Christoph was living in China for more than 5 years as an expatriate working for the Keba subsidiary in Ningbo. He always liked traveling, so he faced the challenge to work in China, when it was offered to him.

    "Harry, would you like to live in China for a while?"

    Harald Dumhart

    Directly after school, Harald started his career at KEBA as an Application Engineer for plastic machines. A few months later, he was asked to become a Support Engineer for the new team in Ningbo/China.


    Here you find the answers to frequently asked questions.

    What jobs are currently offered at KEBA?

    On our website under the heading "Current Job Openings" you find all currently open positions.

    How does the application process work?

    At KEBA you can expect a two-stage application process. The first conversation is like an ordinary job interview. We use the second conversation to discuss the position more intensively. Furthermore, in the second conversation you have the opportunity to get to know the team and the workplace. Depending on the occasion, we also offer introductory days.

    How do I know if a job published on job portals at KEBA is still open?

    If a job is published on our website under the heading "Current Job Openings", you can assume that the position is still vacant and you can submit your application documents for this purpose.

    Where do I submit my application documents?

    Due to personal data security, we can only accept the application documents online via the application button in the relevant job advertisement. If there is no suitable position in our current job offers, we look forward to receiving your unsolicited application via the applicant portal.

    How long does the application process take?

    After you have submitted your application, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt to the e-mail address you provided. Then your application will be processed by our recruiting team. It is very important to us to give our applicants feedback as soon as possible. Therefore, you can count on a reliable answer within a week.

    How can I apply for a summer internship at KEBA?

    The application period for summer jobs / internships for summer 2019 starts on October 15, 2018 and ends on January 15, 2019. Afterwards the applicants are assigned to the open positions. Unfortunately, we can no longer consider applications after the application deadline.

    How can I apply for an internship at KEBA?

    Please apply proactively on our website and indicate in the letter of application the desired period and the area in which you would like to do the internship.

    Can I also apply proactively to KEBA?

    Even if none of our job offers attracts you, you can apply on our application portal indicating the desired field you would like to work in.

    We will be at the following career fairs in Austria

    No current events available



    If you would like any information or have any question about "Working at KEBA", our contact persons are available for you.

    Martina Königsdorfer

    Martina Königsdorfer

    +43 732 7090 25507

    Cornelia Kepplinger

    Cornelia Kepplinger

    +43 732 7090 25509

    Michaela Schläger

    Michaela Schläger

    +43 732 7090 25510

    Kerstin Prado

    Kerstin Prado

    +43 732 7090 25501

    Mario Schmid

    Mario Schmid

    +43 732 7090 25503