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A company's most valuable capital is the passion of its employees

Typical KEBA employees have different qualities: creativity, expertise, enthusiasm.

The success of our company and our customers depends on the large measure of passion and the curiosity to question things and to contribute boldly and decisively.
We know this. And we do everything we can to give our employees the greatest possible individual freedom to act. Only with the perfect structures we can benefit from the great potential in our KEBA employees and turn their ideas into innovative products.

Passion drives creativity
The prerequisites for knowledge are passion, enthusiasm, and curiosity. In order to nourish our curiosity for knowledge, we invest about 20% of our revenue in to R&D every year. And with great success to boot, because our high R&D success rate has already brought us to the global forefront. This fact has made us a partner for other engines of innovation all around the world.

Passion keeps one young
With an average age of only 36 years, we are a young team – and we use our combined strength to work as a global player in the top league. While others fight for a good spot in the market, we take them over – with ideas that are different from the others, with direct communication, and an active team culture.

Passion makes for success
The passion and creativity of the employees at KEBA have already brought us global market leadership in three areas! In recent years we have taken the step to open two subsidiaries per year. Today we are represented in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, the Czech Republic, Turkey, China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and the USA. We offer solutions for top companies around the world like ENGEL, Dürr or Haitian in China as well as Deutsche Post, Commerzbank, or the Unicredit Group.



A good working environment doesn't just happen. Often it is the little things that help to raise spirits. We offer you these services – in addition to your pay, of course.

Eating and Drinking


Our employee restaurant offers three freshly prepared entrees daily at reasonable prices. One of these is vegetarian. For those who are a little hungry in between meals there are fruit, cakes, and any number of other tasty treats.


Once a week a fruit basket provides our employees with fresh vitamins.

Health and Fitness

Health practices

Courses in back exercises, presentations on nutrition, entirely non-smoking offices, sponsoring sports activities. The opportunities at KEBA to stay fit and active are numerous: running, cycling, sailing, ice hockey, badminton, soccer...

Company physician

The company physician is available at regular intervals to all employees for personal consultation. We also offer vaccination programs.

Workplace and Infrastructure

Training and continuing education

Training, workshops, seminars, meetings, and conferences as well as in-house training are components of our wide selection of training and continuing education.

Good connections

Linz location: We are centrally located in close proximity to the streetcar and bus. This provides excellent connections to the main train station. The Muehlkreis train station is just a few minutes away down a short footpath.

Parking space

Linz location: There are also a number of parking options available on the company premises. Employees can rent a parking space outside or in the underground garage.

Mentor program

Mentor program for a good "arrival", welcome map, welcome meeting for new employees, feedback meeting with management, orientation program, first employee review meeting after six months, then following about once a year.


Flexible working hours

Our employees have a flexible work schedule available to them as well.


The KeLounge is an extra leisure area created for our employees located at the headquarters in Linz. Billiards, darts, foosball table, a karaoke system, as well as a kitchen and various modern spaces are available for meetings and events.

Discounts and Contributions

Profit sharing

We offer a model for employee participation in the company's success.

Employee discounts

A number of partnerships allow our employees to use various services at very reasonable prices (furniture stores, DIY store, fitness, sports gear, gas station, tires, bookkeeping, opticians, electronics, clothing, etc.).

We will be at the following career fairs in 2017

FH Hagenberg on October 19, 2017


JKU Linz Carrer Day on November 29, 2017