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      The complete solution for the automation of robots and machines

    A complete system with 5 core components

    KeMotion with its five core components stands for the fast, open and customizable automation of robots and machines in the Industry 4.0 era. Thanks to the scalable hardware in combination with many high-performance technology functions and turnkey software packages, the user can quickly and easily attain the optimum solution.
    On request, the KeMotion system is delivered as an already assembled control cabinet solution.


    The turnkey robotics solution from KeMotion scores with unique high-end technologies for maximum performance and precision.

    PLC + Motion

    More than just a robotics solution – with KeMotion the entire machine can be controlled.

    Control + drives

    The modular, all-in-one KeDrive for Motion system with optionally integrated safety controller is only half as big as comparable systems.

    Safety technology

    KeSafe is the space-saving safety solution for PLC, single axes and robotics that guarantees maximum safety for man and machine.

    Human Machine Interface

    The ready-to-use robot HMI from KeMotion and a wide range of KeTop devices facilitate simple and fast operation.

    Easy connection of peripheral components

    User-friendly engineering

    Modern HMI for intuitive teach-in

    Optional integrated robot safety

    One control for robotics, PLC and motion

    High-performance drive technology

    Hardware and software

    System set-up

    Advantage through high-end technology functions

    Short development times, application-optimized machine design as well as easy and fast commissioning are fundamental requirements of machine manufacturers. In addition, modern production systems must operate economically.

    The key factors here are maximum machine performance with minimal energy consumption. KeMotion offers numerous high-end technologies that ensure this.

    Control every machine with PLC and motion

    Robotics as well as PLC and motion are combined in a single control with KeMotion, which creates numerous benefits:

    • Simplified system setup
    • Faster commissioning
    • Cabling requirements are greatly reduced
    • Interfaces between PLC, motion and robot control are eliminated
    • System cycle and program sequences are always perfectly synchronized
    • High-performance PLC based on CODESYS 3.5, programmable in accordance with IEC 61131-3
    • Full-fledged machine control with PLCopen Motion function blocks and standard modules
    • One standardized programming interface for PLC, motion and robotics

    Drive, control and safety technology

    All-in-one system

    The KeDrive for Motion platform is a highly flexible, perfectly matched combination of control, safety controller and multi-axis drives for optimally solving a wide range of control and drive tasks.

    Modular & scalable
    Thanks to the modular system setup, it is also possible, for example, with a decentral control cabinet concept to use the drive modules remotely from the control.

    Space savings of more than 50%
    Compared to standard system configurations, the compact KeDrive for Motion system takes less than half as much space in the control cabinet.

    Cost-saving multi-axis drives
    The highly dynamic drive modules are overload resistant to 300% and are available in 1-, 2-, and 3-axis versions.

    Integrated safety controller
    The multi-axis KeSafe safety controller, which can optionally be directly integrated in the control module, offers safety functions for logic, single axes and robotics.


    Intuitively operate robots and machines


    Outstanding ergonomics and intuitive operating concepts are the key factors for efficient operation and monitoring. With the KeTop devices, both high-performance, application-optimized hardware as well as the corresponding, user-friendly software are available.

    Working efficiently with robots

    The turnkey TeachView robotics user interface enables the time-saving creation of robot programs - this guarantees optimum results in record time. In addition, various KeTop handheld operating devices optimized for the given application are available for the intuitive teach-in.

    From mobile to stationary with just one software

    With KEBA, intuitive user interfaces only need to be created once with the user-friendly KeStudio automation tool, and can subsequently also be used for mobile as well as stationary operating devices.


    Maximum safety for man and machine

    The freely programmable KeSafe safety controller makes machines and robots with any type of serial kinematics safe.

    Smaller robot cells thanks to intelligent safety functions

    KeSafe guarantees the safe monitoring of the robot working areas, the speed at the TCP and freely definable robot points. Safety guards for safe enclosure can be mounted closer to the robot, which makes possible space-saving cells with minimal footprint.

    Furthermore, scalable safety technology is available in 3 configuration levels and all safety-relevant norms and directives are satisfied.

    Scalable safety technology in 3 configuration levels

    • KeSafe PLC: safe logic
    • KeSafe Motion: safe single axes
    • KeSafe Robotics: safe robotics and safe robot axes

    Complies with all safety-relevant norms and directives

    • Complete solution up to category 4, PLe according to EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL3 according to EN 62061 and EN 61508
    • Safe single-axis functions according to EN 61800-5-2 (KeSafe Motion)
    • Safe robot modules according to EN ISO 10218 (KeSafe Robotics)
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