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      Visit KEBA at ChinaPlas 2018 in Shanghai


    High-end technology for the plastics manufacturer of tomorrow

    What is the key success factor for being innovative in the plastics industry? A strong partnership with KEBA – the technology leader with cutting-edge solutions for a connected world of Industry 4.0 (I4.0). Since Industry 4.0 is all about connectivity, digitalization, and data access, KEBA presents these elements in order to innovate the customers’ business.

    Visit us at the ChinaPlas Exhibition from April 24-27, 2018 in Shanghai and explore our revolutionary control solutions KePlast – perfectly designed for plastics automation and experience the latest hard- & software technologies in an interactive way.

    We are looking forward to your visit in hall H4.1 L91!

    ChinaPlas Profile

    Innovative turnkey solutions

    KePlast control solutions cover a wide range of machines – from eco hydraulic up to complex, multi-component injection molding machines with robotics for further processing. The entire KePlast series of i1000 Eco, i1000, i2000, and i8000 consists of a scalable hardware and a common software platform, and enables the highest flexibility for any business requirements. The new control hardware generation provides highest performance in combination with shortest cycle time of 500µsec.

    The KePlast system is a ready-to-use turnkey solution, which can be upgraded anytime. Additionally, due to the Linux-based platform, customers are offered with the opportunity of customized individualization of hardware and software, easy adaption and smart integration of 3rd party applications.

    KePlast System

    Linux-based software platform

    Industry 4.0 technologies in a new dimension

    In the era of Industry 4.0, it is essential to rely on a secure and open communication platform, in order to become flexible and future-safe. Our ready-to-use I4.0 technologies are based on KeControl FlexCore Linux-platform and enables several communication standards, including OPC UA. Furthermore, injection molding machines equipped with KePlast control solutions can stand out in the market with the latest industry standards, such as EUROMAP 77/79, EtherCAT, etc.


    With KePlast control platform, customers can easily and quickly integrate their application-specific software. Besides, numerous Linux libraries can be implemented, in order to be innovative and future-safe. Furthermore, the open architecture platform offers a comprehensive range of remote access and extended cloud services. It guarantees system stability, availability and data security for every process step.


    Explore the booth highlights

    Connecting the world - innovating your business

    Leading-edge technologies

    The open Linux-based platform enables easy integration of numerous software applications.

    KEBA Industrial Community

    This smart and innovative app is designed for highest customer-centricity.

    Remote service

    This cloud-based support is applicable to any business case.

    Secure connectivity

    Experience the pillars of Industry 4.0, including the industry standards OPC UA, EUROMAP 77/79, etc.

    KePlast EasyNet


    Process monitoring for maximum productivity

    KePlast EasyNet is a powerful and easy-to-use program to economically network injection molding machines which is ideally suited for central data acquisition and backup. With KePlast EasyNet, you have an overview of your production machines at all times; short reaction times ensure maximum productivity.

    Status of all machines at a glance

    With EasyNet, the production or shift manager can access all machines that are in the network. EasyNet provides, among other things, the production status, the quality data and the productivity data of each individual machine on the control station PC or on a smartphone.

    Integration of third-party machines

    In a production hall, one often finds machines from a variety of manufacturers. With the optional EasyNet AccessBox extension, machines that are not controlled with a KePlast control can be integrated in the EasyNet network.

    Current production status available at any time

    KePlast EasyNet Mobile is an extension of the Easy-Net control station software for making the data available for mobile end devices. Important characteristic values such as current cycle time, scrap rate and utilization rate are available on the mobile end device.

    KePlast i8000 with the latest Multitouch panel

    Innovative & user-friendly machine operation with real-time capability

    The increasing complexity of the injection process leads to an enormous challenge for machine manufacturers and their end users.

    Therefore, taking the operator to the center of your workflow becomes more crucial, which means: minimizing this complexity and increasing the overall productivity. Both can be achieved with the latest KePlast i8000 system with the latest Multitouch panel series.

    The Multitouch solution is based on a modern and open application framework, which results into fast time-to-market and a high level of customizing regarding design of the hardware and software. With KePlast i8000, we provide the customers with a high-end system, which is extremely fast, user-friendly and can be operated easily without time-consuming training.

    KePlast i8000

    Join the KEBA Tech Talk at ChinaPlas

    Topic: Leading-edge technology for the plastics manufacturers of tomorrow

    At the 2018 ChinaPlas Exhibition, KEBA will be participating in the Tech Talk. Visit us and experience the latest technologies for I4.0 in the plastics industry. Whether machine producer or plastics manufacturers, you will get insights of the current I4.0 trends.

    Date : April 25, 2018
    Time: 13.40-14.00
    Location: H8.2 S71
    Language: Putonghua

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