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    KEBA at Chinaplas 2016




    2 steps ahead

    At Chinaplas 2016 from 25. to 28. April in Shanghai, KEBA is presenting new and improved products for the established KePlast control solution for injection molding machines. At the KEBA exhibition booth – E2P21 in Hall 2 – visitors to Chinaplas 2016 will see a range of innovative products that contribute to an improvement in productivity and energy efficiency. Through the far-reaching scalability of control, operating panel and I/O components, the KePlast system is ideally suited for applications in the area of injection molding machines.

    Gentle solution for 2-platen injection molding machines

    The expanded, comprehensive KePlast control consists of a number of technology elements, such as platen-parallelism and clamping-force control, that perfectly cover the requirements of the 2-platen injection molding machines. The gentle machine movements that result guarantee low maintenance requirements and short cycle times. Fast commissioning is made possible through automatic machine calibration and simple, exact positioning by means of optimized servo valve control.

    Fast cycles with outstanding process reliability for all-electric machines

    To optimally use the advantages of all-electric machines, KePlast offers a complete package consisting of control, drives and software technology libraries. Difficulties that machine manufacturers previously encountered when combining various components are thereby a thing of the past. The high level of precision is made possible by fast controller cycle times. Moreover, thanks to the sophisticated control technology, reduced cycle times are achieved through parallel movements.

    Robot control for fast removal handling

    KeMotion IMM Handling is the fast and user-friendly robot control solution optimized for automatic parts removal processes on plastic injection molding machines. Shortest cycle times and dynamic, vibration-free actions thanks to intelligent motion functions. The ingenious operating concept and a multitude of predefined parts removal programs ensure rapid start-up and programming.

    Visit the KEBA exhibition booth – E2P21 in Halle 2 to see more about the perfect interplay and optimized tuning of the KePlast products.