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    Start into a new dimension of true openness

    SPS/IPC/Drives 2016

    Automation and HMI
    open, customizable and optimized


    Nuremberg, November 22 - 24, 2016

    Visit us at SPS/IPC/Drives 2016 in hall 7 at booth 470!
    We are looking forward to meeting you and to discussing the innovative details of the KEBA solutions.


    At SPS/IPC/Drives 2016 you will experience the easy and customized creating of automation and visualization solutions. A modular structure based on the proven KEBA systems provides a wide scope for individual adaptions and the integration of own application-optimized software components.
    In addition the KEBA team of experts offers professional support in each project phase - from project start to realization and commissioning up to day-to-day operation and also of course n the case of service.

    Get your free season ticket with the online code 1612179840:

    We are looking forward to your visit!

    Aufbruch in die neue Dimension echter Offenheit

    Start into a new dimension of true openness

    Exhibition highlights

    Reducing automation efforts

    The open control platform KeControl FlexCore allows robot and machine builders to automate their application-specific know-how easily and quickly.

    Own program modules can be integrated down to the level of the control core and no longer need not be passed onto third parties. This guarantees the best possible know-how protection.

    KEBA experts offer competent support as needed - from conceptual design through commissioning to operation.

    KeControl FlexCore frees resources, as companies no longer have to worry about the automation itself. These freed resources can be used to push own developments and to strengthen important unique selling points.

    KeControl FlexCore - die offene Steuerungsplattform

    KeControl FlexCore - the open control platform

    Quick and easy to the optimized operating solution

    KEBA's KeTop system offers a multitude of mobile operating devices plus stationary multitouch panels - all for industrial applications. Comprehensive customizing options for hardware and software enable the optimized adaption to application demands and to customers' equirements.
    This applies for operating elements, housing variations and labelings as well as for user interfaces. The intuitive and easily operated KeView Style software allows the easy creating and customizing of HMIs via drag & drop. Many intelligent wizards and widgets assist in generating ergonomic, modern user interfaces within shortest time. Users benefit from innovative HMI applications which provide an easy, fast and intuitive smartphone-like operating of machines and robots.

    KeTop - Individuelle Bedienlösungen für mobile und stationäre Anwendungen

    KeTop - Customized HMIs for mobile and stationary applications

    One automation system for PLC, motion and robotics

    With KeMotion robotics, motion and PLC as well as safety run on one control, which is unique and offers numerous advantages.

    Thanks to scalable system performance, all conceivable automation tasks up to multi-robot controls can be easily realized. Compatibility problems and runtime problems are eliminated. The space requirement in the control cabinet as well as the cabling costs are minimized.
    In addition, users benefit from a clear and comprehensive user interface with many useful wizards and widgets.

    This makes KeMotion fast - not only in the area of robotics and automation tasks but also in their commissioning.

    KeMotion - das universelle Automatisierungssystem für Maschinen und Roboter

    KeMotion - the universal automation system for machines and robots

    Safe motion & robotics for any serial kinematics

    The freely programmable KeSafe safety controller makes machines and robots with serial kinematics safe.

    All safety-relevant standards and directives are taken into account; extensive certification work is eliminated.
    In addition, space-saving design of the robot cells is made possible. Moreover, the integration of the safety controller in the KeDrive for Motion system results in space-savings in the control cabinet.

    The scalable KeSafe is available in 3 stages: PLC (logic), Motion (single axis) and Robotics (multi-axis systems).

    KeSafe - die Sicherheitssteuerung für Roboter und Maschinen

    KeSafe - the safety control for robots and machines