The parcel solution for apartment buildings

Undeliverable packages are a problem
Many recipients are not at home when parcels normally are delivered. As a result, many of these undeliverable parcels are deposited at an alternative drop-off point - sometimes completely unsecured in front of apartment doors. Picking up in parcel shops or parcel stations or from neighbors usually results in additional routes, extra efforts and higher expenditure of time.

The solution is called KeConcierge
The solution to delivering all parcels in residential complexes and apartment buildings is the weatherproof KeConcierge parcel locker. It can be installed indoors or outdoors and is open to all parcel deliverers and local delivery services for the safe deposit of parcels and goods. Recipients benefit from a convenient pick-up option that is available around the clock - right where they are at home.


Each delivery attempt is a success

Adding value

Increase in value of the property


Protection against theft & damage


24/7 parcel pick-up at home

KeConcierge parcel lockers satisfy deliverers, recipients and building managers

Convenience, quality & security

The compact, 24/7 available KeConcierge parcel lockers are designed for installation in residential complexes. Thanks to decades of experience and best manufacturing quality from KEBA, they are durable and safe. Operation is quick and easy via smartphone app and touchscreen.
Parcels are dropped off by the deliverers in the compartments of the KeConcierge parcel locker. Recipients can conveniently pick up their goods around the clock directly where they live. Extra miles to parcel shops or distant parcel lockers are a thing of the past, as are randomly dropped parcels e.g. in front of doors of flats.
The recipient, the deliverer and also the property manager benefit from the advantages of the KeConcierge parcel locker solution.

Dimensions [mm]

KeConcierge parcel locker for residential complexes

Technical highlights

  • Based on the proven KePol CL parcel locker
  • Rugged, weatherproof housing that weighs only 200 kg
  • User-friendly operation via a smartphone app and touchscreen
  • Easy plug & play installation - without the need for an electrician
  • Usual 110 - 230 V AC connection for power supply (IEC connector)
  • Expandable with up to 8 additional locker modules
  • Wall or ground fixing
  • Up to 50 mm level compensation for unevenness
  • Best security against burglary and vandalism

    Box system
  • Proven box mix with 4 different box sizes: S, M, L und XL
  • Box witdth: 440 mm, box depth 400 mm
  • 4 different heights [mm]:
    S: 85 (3x), M: 180 (5x), L: 370 (3x) and XL: 750 (1x)

Help & support

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