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    Econt Express from Bulgaria opts for KEBA parcel automats



    Econt Express Ltd. is the largest logistics company in Bulgaria and the number one in the national parcel market. All in all, over 500 Econt shops are available to customers throughout the country for the dispatch and collection of their parcels. In addition, this service is now becoming available around the clock, as Econt Express has ordered over forty KEBA KePol parcel stations. These are currently undergoing installation and furthermore, the Bulgarian specialist sees potential for up to 200 such systems.


    Network and customer service expansion

    With this strategy, Econt Express is pursuing to cover the human flow by covering locations of local partners such as OMV filling stations and Kaufland supermarkets with the aim of a general increase in accessibility and network growth.

    One special feature of this order is provided by the fact that Econt Express is using the full range of services on offer with the parcel automation solution. Apart from the last mile (delivery) and the first mile (dispatch), the printing of parcel stamps and deliveries from one automat to another are also on the menu.


    Deliveries from one parcel automat to another

    This “machine-to-machine” application provides double benefits, as both the sender and the recipient are fully independent of all opening hours and can genuinely collect or send their parcels on any day of the week and at any time of the day or night. KePol software also supplies an address list for the selection of a suitable parcel station. Moreover, the payment terminal at the KePol parcel station allows the use of NFC.


    A satisfied customer

    Pavel Penchev from Econt Express Ltd.: “We estimate KEBA as a serious and highly professional supplier of top quality. The pilot runs and the entire project handling also served to further confirm this impression.”