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    Want to deliver goods of any type?

    Then KePol is the perfect solution!

    Whether you want to give shirts for cleaning, provide tools or offer a modern locker, KePol is the perfect solution for any kind of "asynchronous handover of goods" - wherever the transfer from the deliverer to the customer is temporally and spatially decoupled.

    Regardless of whether you are giving in shirts for cleaning, providing tools or want to provide a modern locker - KePol is the suitable solution for any form of “asynchronous handover of goods”, in which the transfer between the supplier and customer is chronologically and spatially uncoupled.



    We look forward to a stimulating discussion of your business ideas and to the joint development of innovative concepts.

    Get in touch with us today! We are happy to find out how KePol is best suited for the implementation of your business model.


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