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    Click & collect

    Better customer service thanks to a counter without closing-time


    More than just a mere locker

    KePol is a comprehensive overall solution for automating the transfer of goods - whether as a counter without closing-time at click & collect or as a one-stop shopping point integrated into your online sales channel. Your customers benefit from improved service thanks to the asynchronous transfer of goods. KePol can be easily adapted to the requirements in the self-service sector.

    We owe this to decades of experience in the area of banking and safety technology. In this way, KePol combines the advantages of a modern self-service system with the convenient, secure and economical pick up and drop-off of goods around the clock.

    Your advantages at a glance

    Conquer new markets

    • Extension of opening hours due to extended store counter
    • 24/7 collection

    Improve customer service

    • Safe, reliable delivery of goods when and where your customer wants
    • Modern lockers for click & collect
    • Simple, intuitive operation for all customer groups

    Increase delivery efficiency

    • Automation of the entire logistics chain
    • Process optimization in the logistics chain
    • Saves the deliverer time

    Secure and win market shares

    • Competitive advantages and differentiation from competitors
    • Opening up of new possibilities and market opportunities

    Around the clock

    Your customers can order their goods online and pick them up at a KePol station 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - exactly where and when they want.

    Simple, safe, discreet

    Picking up goods at KePol automated terminals is simple and completely secure! Customer acceptance is therefore guaranteed.

    For satisfied customers

    With KePol, you fulfill your customers' expectations of modern delivery options and take the click & collect trend into account - your customers will thank you!

    Our references in retail

    The Czech Republic’s largest electronics supplier and e-commerce pioneer optimizes its delivery channels.


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