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Keynote: Be the Master of Your Shopfloor

Learn how optimized process monitoring can maximize your productivity in this lecture on 04.12.2021 of IPI Indian Plastics Institute by our expert Wolfgang Windhager, Senior Manager Plastics!

Save the date, December 4, 2021: Get to know the world of plastics automation and dial in!

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In the course of the conference "Latest Advancement in Injection Molding" from the IPI Indian Plastics Institute, Wolfgang Windhager, Senior Manager Plastics, will be one of the keynote speakers specializing in KePlast EasyNet MES.

Join us on December 4, 2021, register free of charge, and immerse yourself in the world of the plastics industry! Find out more about the registration and time here: Register now!

KePlast EasyNet MES is a user-friendly program for the inexpensive networking and monitoring of injection-molding machines, which is ideal for centralized data acquisition and backup on stationary and mobile devices. The new production management feature allows deep vertical integration of production orders from the ERP system directly to the machine operator – these orders are dispatched to the HMI in real-time and all collected data are returned again to the production status.

Für mittelständische kunststoffverarbeitende Unternehmen bietet EasyNet verschiedene einfach zu bedienende Überwachungs- und Planungsfunktionen an, wie z.B. die Produktivitätsübersicht und die Auswertung der Prozessqualität einzelner Maschinen. Durch die KePlast Heatup Management-Funktion können Sie Ihre Energiekosten deutlich minimieren, um eine bestmögliche Maschinenverfügbarkeit zu erreichen. In einer klar strukturierten Hallenübersicht hat der Schichtleiter einen Überblick über die gesamte Produktion und kann effizient auf Produktionsabweichungen reagieren oder wird sofort über Maschinenalarme informiert.

Your benefits with EasyNet 4 at a glance:

  • Smart production planning & interface for external ERP systems
  • Productivity view & intelligent management of the heating process
  • Quality evaluation and reports
  • Analysis of machine downtimes
  • Parts data management


Wolfgang Windhager
Wolfgang Windhager Senior Manager | Plastics +43 732 7090 23216

Press Contact

Alexandria Mitterbaur
Alexandria Mitterbaur Head of Marketing | Plastics +43 732 7090 22850

KePlast EasyNet 4: Ready for Industry 4.0!

With EasyNet 4 you can connect all machines of the factory and gain crucial production information of your shopfloor.

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