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One system for robots and machines

We make the use of custom robot mechanisms easier. Our control solution combines classic machine control with full-fledged robot control on a single platform. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience with robotic motion in highly diverse applications, we can offer you a future-proof automation solution that makes your specific mechanisms ready for operation quickly and easily. Our customers are among the top manufacturers of application-optimized robot mechanisms. A broad spectrum of mobile and stationary HMI solutions as well as fully integrated safety technology make it possible to implement highly diverse applications.
Our goal is your perfect robot – we assist you and stay by your side from the first idea to the final product.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Faster time-to-market for your application 
  • Standards compliance through continuous development
  • Clock-synchronized integration of the robotics into the machine control system
  • Broad range of robots that have already been integrated 
  • Services that support your development work

Hardware & software fit together perfectly

A single control system runs up to 16 robots that are clock-synchronized with your machine logic. KeMotion makes this possible: This high-performance platform combines the robotics kernel, PLC + motion, control + drives, safety technology and HMI.

The communication between hardware, software, machine and robot happens directly and in real time. In the control system, intelligent algorithms provide high-precision, path-accurate motion at the physical limit.
You decide which KeMotion functions are useful for you, and which you ones you prefer to develop yourself. The modular software platform allows you to pick and choose whatever works best for you.

Basic functions like field bus interfaces, IOS system, signaling system, safety technology or user management are conveniently available from our platform.
You integrate your know-how quickly and easily in KeMotion. This saves time, money and effort.

By the way: By investing in KeMotion, you are investing in your future at the same time. We expand and integrate standards and new functions with every new version. These become immediately available to you with every update. And the expanded networking with Industry 4.0-enabled devices is already built in. A large number of standardized interfaces help you on your path to digitization.

Turnkey solutions and flexibility. We do both.

KeMotion is the future-proof automation solution for robots and machines - either as a turnkey, ready-to-use system or as a highly customizable system tailored to your individual needs. Our experts are by your side from the first idea to your solution.

Quick and easy to use with robots and machines

Industrial robotic arm at work

Leadership through high-end technology functions

KeMotion turns robots into a fixed component of the machine. It has never been this easy: One or multiple robot kinematics – clock-synchronized with a machine without additional latency times or communication drivers – can be controlled using drag&drop in the familiar tool landscape.
KeMotion combines the PLC, motion, robotics, drive technology, safety technology and the HMI in a single compact system.

We can assist you in the development of your own robot kinematics or draw on a broad range of robot mechanisms from our partners.

Your complete solution for machine and robot automation

Flexible and individualized: Integrate your know-how

A person draws a sketch on a notepad of the optimal integration of robots in the company.

Decide for yourself which KEBA functions you wish to use, and which functions you prefer to develop yourself. The modular software platform provides developers with a broad range of options for integrating their own know-how into the control system. This allows you to protect your know-how and re-use existing expertise.

You can use ready-made basic functions like field bus interfaces, IO system, signaling system, security or user management that are conveniently available from our platform. Then you import your own know-how, for example about your process. This saves time and money, which you can then invest in the solutions themselves – to help you stand out in the market.

3 of many benefits

  • You receive a future-proof, continuously expanding and maintained platform.

  • All technology functions can be accessed from the platform if needed. You decide which software functions you wish to develop yourself.

  • We take care of updated standards. This means that you can fully focus on the details of your application solutions.

Open Linux-based control solution:

Human-robot interaction

Rendering smart factory: Humans and robots work side by side on the assembly line without safety fences.

How can we ensure the safety of people who interact with the robot? We have been concerned with safe robotics for years.

Our safety solution today complies with the TS 15066 machinery directive. We added a framework to our robotics kernel that contains all functionality needed to implement safe human-robot interaction or human-robot collaboration. In particular with regard to HRI applications, issues like safe standstill, distance monitoring, power limitation and force limitation or manual guiding play an important role. We can offer a broad range of options in this area.

In addition, we are seeing very promising results in our pilot projects in the field of high-payload robotics. These confirm our approach to solving the future of human-robot interaction with a delicate touch.

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Man taps on a glowing circle shown with other elements on a transparent touch screen.

To achieve valuable time savings during project planning and commissioning, KeMotion offers technology packages for packaging and welding applications. They save money and add high-end technology to your application: For example, the productivity of a packaging system with clocked conveyor belts can be increased by more than 25%.

The tried-and-tested solution for diverse applications and processes:

Grinding • Bending • Painting • Welding • Pick & place • Palletizing • Handling • CNC • Wafer handling • Gluing • Robotics service • Textile printing • Die casting • Plastics • and many more

Your benefits:

Hardware and software for robotics

The goal is to make the realization of projects easy and fast. Short times in development, application-optimized machine design as well as quick and easy commissioning are the basic requirements of mechanical engineering firms.

Control and drive system

Robotics, PLC and motion are combined in a single controller. This creates many benefits, such as a simplified system design and a standardized programming interface.

More about KeDrive D3

Out-of-the-box or custom software

Wizards and templates: Making life as easy as possible for our users is a principle embodied in the KEBA motto “parameterization instead of programming”.
This makes it easier to implement modifications.

More about the robotics software

Intuitive operation of robots and machines

Excellent ergonomics and intuitive operation for efficiency in operation and observation: You receive powerful, application-optimized hardware and user-friendly software.

More about KeTop handheld operation devices

Greatest safety for humans and machines

Faster implementation of safety-relevant requirements: It includes a safety CPU with software that allows the safe operation of machines and robots in compliance with the current standards and directives.

More about KeSafe safety technology

Use PLC + robotic to control any machine

Robotics as well as PLC and motion are combined in a single controller, creating many benefits for the integration of robots:

  • Simplified system design
  • Faster commissioning
  • Cabling requirements are greatly reduced
  • Interfaces between PLC, motion and robot control are eliminated
  • Perfectly synchronized system clock and program sequences
  • Powerful CODESYS 3.5 PLC programmable based on IEC 61131-3
  • Full-fledged machine control with PLCopen Motion function blocks and standard modules
  • One single standardized programming interface for PLC, motion and robotics

Our customers trust us

Understanding our customers’ world and their challenges – that is our commitment. We are among the leading automation experts in many industries today because we understand our customers’ processes and requirements in great detail. And it is precisely this understanding that forms the basis for successful and long-lasting partnerships.]>

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