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25 Years of Successful Co-operation

The Österreichische Sparkassengruppe and the Austrian automation specialist KEBA have driven a successful partnership of innovation in the field of self-service banking for 25 years.

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KEBA continues to bring luck in Spain!

KEBA and Spanish lottery company SELAE are continuing their existing successful cooperation, which has been going for more than 10 years, and have agree on the supply of an additional 10,500 lottery terminals.

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A place of encounter and creativity

A very special place of encounter and creativity was recently opened at the KEBA headquarters in Linz: the "KEBA Studio Immergrün".

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Clean cars need clean energy!

As one of the leading providers of charging stations, KEBA welcomes the Austrian funding package for electro-mobility.

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Raiffeisen Austria: KEBA to become exclusive supplier

KEBA is to become the exclusive supplier of non-cash terminals and cash recycling systems for the Austrian Raiffeisen bank Group.

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International technology expertise a guest at KEBA

KEBA invited 90 companies from all over the world to Linz last Wednesday for the first “KEBA Suppliers’ Day”.

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KEBA banking automation presented its new ATM series

At the FI forum 2016 in Frankfurt / Germany KEBA presented the new ATM series evo for the first time.

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KEBA takes over the self-service specialist KEMAS

Gerhard Luftensteiner, the KEBA CEO, sees the recent acquisition as follows: “We are delighted to be able to augment our competences in the logistics automation segment with KEMAS."

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Happy Birthday! 10 years of KEBA Romania

For 10 years, KEBA AG has been represented by its own branch in Bucharest, Romania. The main areas for KEBA Romania are banking and service automation.

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Pegasus in crystal for entrepreneurial life's work

Karl Kletzmaier, co-founder of KEBA, received the Pegasus in crystal for his entrepreneurial life's work

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