The perfect solution for every requirement: the evo series

KEBA at the FI-Forum 2018

This year, KEBA again presents practical and brand new concepts in the shape of its evo series, which represents a (r)evolutionary interaction and communications interface for all cash and bank transactions, both today, tomorrow and the day after. Stop by from 20 to 22 November at our booth P74 in the fair hall Frankfurt/M., hall 11.1.

KEBA at the FI-Forum 2018 / Fair Frankfurt/M.
FI-Forum 2018: With its enormous performance diversity and multiple integration possibilities, the evo series provides the flexibility required for the demands of tomorrow. **
Following its initial presentation at the FI-Forum 2016, during this year’s Finanz Informatik in-house fair KEBA will be exhibiting its brand new and practical concepts and solutions for cash and banking transactions. The company’s booth will have an area of 96m² and offer ample space for the showcasing of a wide variety of possibilities and situations for self-service system integration and installation. In addition, the newest member of the evo product family will be putting in an appearance and there will be an opportunity to look into a completely new banking innovation project.

**Versatility for future requirements **
The fact that the financial world has long been in a process of transition is beyond dispute. However, what the future actually holds is largely anyone’s guess.

Nevertheless, with its evo product family, KEBA constantly provides ideal solutions. This is because its modular machine design and manifold retrofitting options offer maximum room for maneuver and flexible integration possibilities for every existing situation. Irrespective of whether an innovative ATM with cash recycling function, a multifunctional self-service system, employee supported self-service cash desks, fully automated services in the smallest branches, or off-site locations are involved, the performance diversity and opportunities created by the evo series furnish banks and savings banks with the flexibility that they need to face prospective demands.

**New in – the KePlus FX10
The fair will provide an initial opportunity to experience at first hand the KePlus FX10, which is the latest addition to the evo family. KEBA’s all-rounder represents a KePlus F10 with an extra “wing” that unites every type of automated banking transaction in a compact system that has a width of only 89 cm and offers maximum design freedom. The wing of the first machine in the KePlus FX10 series provides space for coin deposits and checking in line with Article 6. Moreover, the wing component can also be retrofitted if a coin counting function is first required at a later date.

**An ATM for everybody **
According to Matthias Ahrens, who is responsible for savings bank area sales: “Even during the system development phase special attention was paid to the needs of all the customer groups, as their requirements vary greatly and self-service should be attractive to all.” Accordingly, upon entering the evo world one discovers an uncompromising operating concept, which means a coherently designed user interface that is free of complicated buttons and confusing interaction fields. The clear layout of the operating controls and the light-supported user navigation focus the attention of the customer on the next activity step and provide intuitive guidance through the operating process.

Easy access machine versions offer users of wheelchairs and walkers maximum comfort, greater privacy and simple operation. Moreover, cash recycling ATMs for the outdoor area have been newly added to the product portfolio and thereby furnish customers with even more flexibility at a variety of locations.

**Intensified closeness to the customer - evo assumes both self-service and counter activities **
Banks and savings banks must closely consider the needs of their clientele. Fortunately, thanks to evo, fulfilling these requirements while simultaneously achieving efficient branch management no longer constitutes a contradiction in terms.

Consulting represents the most important asset of financial institutes, but one of the main reasons why customers visit their banks on a regular basis continues to be withdrawals from ATMs. However, this central point of contact also presents an opportunity to enter into a dialogue with the customer and employ this sales channel for targeted marketing activities.
evo systems can be simply and seamlessly integrated into counter fittings or paneling. In combination with the machines’ innovative cash recycling technology, which due to twin compartment cassettes now allows the recycling of up to eight denominations, this results in fresh operational possibilities. It allows the withdrawal of large sums and change, as well as switches between the euro and foreign currencies.

evo thus assumes counter services and facilitates new branch concepts such as employee-supported self-service cash desks and the provision of fully automated services in very small branches. Michael U. Spatz, the KEBA Germany CEO: “For the latter we have initiated an in-house innovation project, as we wish to give an answer to the question, “What happens when the banks and savings banks disappear?” The resultant smart solution for smallest branches will be first presented in detail at this year’s FI-Forum.

**Immerse yourself with us in the world of evo at the FI-Forum from 20 to 22 November because evo also has the perfect answer for your requirements. We look forward to seeing you. **

The modular design of the evo product family allows a diversity of retrofitting and integration opportunities, which create the ideal solution for every need.

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