Applications of LeviSpin

Application examples for our drill spindle

Aerospace application | LeviSpin drill spindle used by airplane manufacturer


6D drilling is idea for realizing rivet drill holes for aerospace applications. The drilling process stays cooler, and productivity and drill hole quality are significantly improved while drill bit wear is significantly reduced. Drill holes are drilled using MQL or dry drilling and with backward deburring if needed. Layer thicknesses and layer transitions are detected, and quality-relevant piece-specific process data is generated.

Deep-hole drilling | LeviSpin drill spindle

Deep-hole drilling

6D technology produces chips that dissipate the process heat almost as quickly as it is generated. This keeps the workpiece cooler, and the drill will run out less than with conventional drilling. In addition, the spindle shaft can be tilted for the targeted compensation of the drill run-out. This achieves dramatic improvements of productivity and drill hole quality.

Difficult-to-machine materials | LeviSpin drill spindle

Difficult-to-machine materials

The benefits of 6D technology become apparent precisely where conventional drilling reaches its limits. Significantly lower process temperatures increase the material removal rate by a factor of 2–4, and drill bit wear is reduced at least by half. The spindle sensors provide highly accurate process data, and the 6D technology guarantees controlled quality.

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