LeviSpin drill spindle

LeviSpin drill spindle

All benefits at a glance

Increased productivity

  • Material removal rate increased by 200–400 %
  • Reduced exit burr saves deburring in many applications
  • Time-saving backward deburring through orbital motion
  • Effective processing even of difficult-to-machine materials

Cost savings

  • Tool wear reduced by 50 % and more
  • Non-wearing magnetic bearings
  • Greater sustainability thanks to minimal quantity lubrication or even dry machining in some cases

Improved quality

  • Significantly improved surface quality of the workpieces thanks to efficient chip removal
  • Workpiece-specific quality monitoring (controlled quality)
  • Targeted shaft tilting for compensating mechanical machine errors
  • Improved drill hole quality in deep-hole drilling through drill run-out compensation

Condition monitoring

  • Built-in sensors ensure precise detection of process forces
  • Detection of material layer thickness
  • Layer recognition when using composite materials and automatic switching of process parameters
  • Detection of tool wear (wear-based feedrate adjustment)

Watch our video to discover all the benefits!

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