Sale of KEBA Spindle Technology GmbH

Information about change of ownership

We would like to inform you that KEBA Industrial Automation GmbH has sold its subsidiary KEBA Spindle Technology GmbH (formerly Heinz Fiege GmbH) at the location in Röllbach (Germany) to MB Innovation GmbH (owner of Hugo Reckerth GmbH).
The change of ownership became legally effective as of 1st June 2023.

Hugo Reckerth GmbH is a family-owned company with more than 30 years of experience in the field of spindle construction, based in Filderstadt (Baden-Württemberg). It is one of the international suppliers of spindles used in the wood, plastics and metal processing industries.

Like KEBA Spindle Technology, Reckerth offers both standardized model series and individual solutions for spindle technology. We are very pleased that with MB Innovation GmbH from Germany we have found a company that has taken over the Röllbach location as well as all employees.

We are convinced that the sale will create a good basis for success and a reliable foundation for the further development of technology and service.

Roller bearing spindles

KEBA Spindle Technology GmbH has changed its name to MB Spindle Technology GmbH in June 2023. In the context of this change, a new website was created by MB Spindle Technology. From now on, you will find information on spindle technology with roller bearings at

Magnetic bearing spindles

The magnetic bearing spindle technology remains a part of the KEBA portfolio.
As usual you will find all information here

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