Product illustration of various KEBA servo controllers

Servo controllers

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We are your driver

With the former LTI Motion GmbH, KEBA has almost 50 years of know-how in the development and production of high-quality drive technology and drive systems.
KEBA drive controllers get the maximum in dynamics and precision from your machine. Your particular benefit is our solution and consulting competence in automation with electric drives. Thanks to their high flexibility e.g. in networking, motor and encoder interfaces or safety technology, our servo controllers and motors can be perfectly and quickly integrated into your automation system.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Reliable partnership
  • High solution competence
  • Distinct industry knowledge
  • Future-proof
  • Long-term availability
A multi-axis controller system from 1.5-210 amperes and single-axis systems in various sizes from 2-450 amperes are on display.

Convincing highlights

Our drive systems are the basis for performance, productivity and safety of your machine. The modularity and the wide range of products and services guarantee you optimal and fast integration into the machine automation at any time.

  • Energy-efficient multi-axis systems (230-480 V AC with 1.5 A-450 A)
  • Flexible single-axis systems (24 V DC-480 V AC with 2 A-450 A)
  • Industry-specific variants and systems
  • Scalable safe motion solutions according to PLe/SIL3

Our drive portfolio

KEBA offers you a comprehensive portfolio of drive systems. You will always find the right solution with us, whether for your compact machine with only one drive axis or for complex multi-axis machines.
We are also your partner if the application requires special or country-specific drive solutions.

Energy-efficient multi-axis drive controllers

A multi-axis controller with dimensions is built into a control cabinet and represents the compactness.

Dynamic, precise and yet compact: These characteristics for increasing productivity characterize our multi-axis systems. Up to three axes are combined in one module without limiting the performance of each individual axis. Coupled with the best energy utilization via the common DC bus, we offer you future-proof drive solutions.

Your benefits:

  • Central power supply units, also with sinusoidal mains feedback
  • Compact design allows mounting close to the motion process
  • Easy system installation due to reduced component variety
  • Fast system and series commissioning with sophisticated tools

Our multi-axis drive controllers

The KeDrive D3 multi-axis system can be seen in perspective from the left.

KeDrive D3 - compact

The compact drive system with single, double and triple axis controllers and integrated safety technology. The power supply units can be extended with a power recovery system.

  • Axis controller: 1.5 A-210 A
  • Power supplies: 10 kW-120 kW, integrated 24 V power supply optional
More about KeDrive D3
The ServoOne and ServoOne DC products are to be seen as single-axis controllers.

ServoOne DC – „High power“

Powerful drive system with high fieldbus variance for the upper power range. As an alternative to the power supply units, DC supply via ServoOne single axes (shared DC) allows a cost-effective power supply.

  • Axis controller: 4 A-450 A
  • Power supply units with sinusoidal power recovery: 26 kW-360 kW
More about ServoOne

All-in-one single-axis drive controller

Product illustration of the ServoOne single and multi-axis drive controller

Our single-axis controllers directly integrate the power supply unit and partly also the EMC line filter. This saves space and simplifies system installation. A scalable portfolio always offers the optimal drive solution from simple positioning tasks to dynamic precision movements with torque or linear motors.

Your benefits:

  • Scalable safe motion solutions integrated
  • Standardized fieldbuses, including EtherCAT, PROFINET, Sercos, POWERLINK and CANopen
  • Open, flexible motor interface for own and third-party motors
  • On-board single-axis PLC for individual motion profiles

Our single-axis drive controllers

Product images of five silver ServoOne drive controllers

ServoOne AC – “One-for-all Performer”

A wide performance range, best control technology, various interfaces in communication and motor connection as well as the CODESYS PLC allow extreme flexibility and a wide range of applications.

  • 4 A-450 A at 3x400 V AC
  • Air or liquid cooled systems
  • Integrable multi-axis safety control
More about ServoOne
Product illustrations of four silver-colored ServoOne Junior drive controllers

ServoOne junior - small but powerful

Specialized in the lower performance range, the "junior" has all the technological genes of the entire family.
Full functional compatibility and handling within the ServoOne family is guaranteed at all times.

  • 3 A-8 A at 1/3 x 230 V AC
  • 2 A-16 A at 3 x 400 V AC
  • Up to 300% overload capacity
More abour ServoOne junior
Product image of a silver colored drive controller of the c-Line series

c-line Drives - efficient positioning converter

Optimized drives for open or closed-loop operation of different motor variants. Integration into the automation solution is done via CANopen or PROFIBUS-DP.

  • 2.4 A-7.1 A (0.375 kW-1.5 kW) at 1x230V AC
  • 2.2 A-250 A (0.75 kW-110 kW) at 3x400 V AC
  • Integrated mains filter and 24 V supply
More about c-line Drives
Product image of a silver-colored low-voltage drive controller of the c-Line series

CDF3000 - Low Voltage Drives

Our smallest servocontroller impresses with all the performance of the c-line drives.

  • 8 A at 24 V-48 V DC
  • 200% overloadable
  • CANopen communication interface
  • STO safety function (SIL3/PL e)
More about c-line Drives

Industry-specific drive solutions

Exemplary illustration of the two KEBA sectors robotics and wind

Based on our flexible modular drive system and our knowledge of the industry, we implement your special solution quickly and reliably.

Your benefits:

  • Reliable partnership with industry experts
  • Perfect price/performance ratio
  • Compact automation solutions
  • All industry standard functions and interfaces integrated

Our industry-specific drive solutions

Product illustration of the ServoOne TL Highspeed drive controller shown from right

ServoOne for high speed

The drive controller with high output frequencies, especially for energy-efficient turbomachinery and lowest shaft power loss.

More about ServoOne high speed
Product image of the PitchOne drive controller for the wind range, shown from left

PitchOne for pitch systems

Our latest technology for pitch applications scores with network-independent power supply and functional safety of the last generation.

More about PitchOne
Product illustration of the PitchMaster II+ drive controller for pitch systems, from left

PitchMaster II+ for pitch systems

The "state of the art" in pitch for wind turbines. Robust, highly integrated with TÜV and GL approval. And proven 100,000 times over.

More about PitchMaster II+
Figure Drives configuration

Drives for plastics machinery

Complete hardware and software package including service, reliable application, and broad functionality: The KeDrive D3 drive system for all plastics machines helps you create smart, sustainable, and cost-efficient solutions for your multi-axis applications.

More about Drive Technology

Country specific drive solutions

Product illustration in section from left of the white-gray ServoA drive controller for the Chinese market

The worldwide use of our servo controllers also requires the provision of country or continent-specific interfaces as well as compliance with special standards and regulations.
In addition to the general flexibility of our servo controllers, KEBA also offers you country-specific models for this purpose.

Your benefits:

  • Perfect integration into local automation networks with special hardware and software interfaces
  • Adaptation to worldwide different mains voltages
  • Worldwide uniform quality and functionality
  • International Development Network
  • Regional repair and installation service

Our drive solutions for the Asian region

Product image of the white-gray ServoA drive controller for the Chinese market

ServoA – High-Performance

The servo controller is integrated into a wide range of control applications via EtherCAT. The integrated PLC allows flexible motion profiles. A display for status indication and parameterization is integrated.

  • 400 W-1500 W at 1/3x230 V AC
  • 750 W-9000 W at 3x400 V AC
  • STO safety function (SIL3/PL e)
  • Suitable local servo motor series
Product image of the red-gray ServoC plus drive controller for the Chinese market

ServoC plus - efficient and simple

The servo controller is integrated into a wide range of control applications via the CANopen, RS485 or pulse/direction interface. Preset motion solutions simplify commissioning.

  • 400 W-1500 W at 1/3x230 V AC
  • 750 W-9000 W at 3x400 V AC
  • Suitable local servo motor series

Digital control technology that moves

Control technology makes the difference at KEBA.

A sophisticated control structure and predictive pre-controls allow the greatest possible dynamics with the highest level of accuracy.

Mechanical deficiencies are corrected online with mathematical methods or hidden. These include encoder errors, errors in the mechanical transmission path, friction and cogging torques or resonance frequencies.

Autotuning for easy commissioning identifies the machine mechanics and parameterizes the control loops quickly and reliably.

To reduce downtimes, the drive system and the coupled mechanics are constantly monitored. Defects are diagnosed quickly and wear is diagnosed in advance. The internal evaluation of all data ensures fast analyses, only the results are transmitted to the factory automation in real time.

Fast and safe system integration

Our modular drive controllers can be perfectly integrated into the KEBA or a third-party automation system.

Flexible communication

"One Drive fits all" - Standardized interfaces such as EtherCAT, PROFINET, Powerlink or CANopen allow uniform drive technology and constant motion quality even when using different controllers.

Open motor interface

In addition to the extensive KEBA motor program, our drive controllers with their multi-encoder interface and various control models are open for special or third-party motors. The automatic user-guided motor identification optimizes all control parameters.

Advanced commissioning tools

Tools that have been tried and tested over many years ensure perfect commissioning with their many assistant functions. These include guided commissioning, a real-time oscilloscope or frequency response analysis for precise detection and compensation of mechanical deficiencies.

Scaleable Safe Motion Packages

All drive controllers are already equipped with the STO function as standard. Additional safety functions and packages ensure compliance with applicable regulations, depending on the application. Safe motion monitoring can be activated and parameterized via I/O or FSoE fieldbus communication.

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Servo Motors

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Illustration of the KEBA safety technology servo drive controllers and laptop in the background

Safety technology

The KEBA product portfolio is tailored to the needs of the market and provides solutions for innovative requirements in machine safety.

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KeStudio is the all-in-one engineering suite for all phases of the automation process.

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