Robotics software

KeMotion offers several high-end technologies

Intuitive robot programming

Our robotics solution “KeMotion” is a sustainable Linux-based software platform that can be expanded in all directions. You can select from more than 30 pre-defined robot types and can start creating the application straight away. Our simulation allows you to test, optimize and validate your project with ease. Every movement of the robot is pre-calculated. This allows for the highest degree of path accuracy, synchronous with your process. You can integrate robots into your production lines and machines in only a few hours.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Implement projects quickly, easily, and reliably
  • Parametrizing instead of programming: quick start possible
  • Simulation: convenient for tests, optimization and validation
  • Highest accuracy, synchronous with your process
  • Fully dynamic thanks to dynamic momentum model
As partners

As partners

Successful together



Thanks to Linux-based platform

Ready to use

Ready to use

Short time-to-market thanks to stable framework



Open for unique differentiation

Easy step up to the next automation level!

Our robotics solution KeMotion offers a software platform for the seamless integration of robots into your production lines and machines.
Without additional programming required, up to 16 robots can be configured and used with one set of controls. As all robots as well as the machine and process controls are part of one software project, data will be exchanged or shared synchronously. Productivity and availability of the machine increases considerably.

Putting into operation starts in the office and not only once you are on site. This is made possible by extensive simulation and visualization options. On site, simple TeachIn robot programming and several assistants and wizards allow you to make quick adjustments to the actual machine.

The connectivity and openness of the sustainable, Linux-based software platform evens the path into the digital future and to networking. Security concepts and solutions are available and can easily be adapted to the requirements of the customer IT. It is possible to use machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence or predictive maintenance.

You would like to integrate own know how and existing software solutions? That, too, we can do. Contact us! We would be pleased to arrange a one-on-one consultancy meeting.

Increase robot accuracy

When looking to increase robot accuracy, engineers for the longest time focused on the mechanical systems in order to get as close as possible to the ideal design model. Today, the focus has shifted to increased computational capacity and more precise measurement technology for improving control.

Learn more about robot accuracy and robot calibration in our blog and brand new whitepaper.

Ready to use high-end robotics

Our software simplifies robot programming: Just use the ready-made program components. Complex robot applications can be intuitively, quickly and easily assembled on the graphic operating panel.

An open laptop screen displaying a page of the engineering program KeStudio.

Quick engineering

Projects simpler and faster

....thanks to ready-to-use robotics

  • Tool set with more than 30 pre-defined robot types for configuration and programming
  • Application programming can start once you have entered the mechanical parameters into the pre-configured input screens
  • 10 x less code thanks to programming with TeachView using the extensive KAIRO robot instruction set
A laptop screen displaying the 3D simulation of a robot for simple machine optimization.

Real World Simulation Package

3D simulation

...for simple machine optimization

  • Creating, optimizing, validating and visualizing robot programs easily
  • Industry 4.0-compliant virtualization for perfect robot and robot cells design, even prior to start-up
A screenshot showing how you parametrize rather than program, thanks to several wizards and templates.

Parameterizing instead of programming

4-times faster commissioning

...using wizards and templates

  • Simple integration of robotic tools
  • Automatic recognition of geometry
  • Freely definable working rooms, disabled rooms and signal rooms, created easily and quickly
  • Palettizing patterns in a few steps - without programming
A screenshot showing how movements and optimized dynamics patterns are displayed in KeStudio.

Optimized movements by looking ahead

Calculating movements in advance

...and recognition of optimized dynamics pattern

  • Intelligent Motion adjusts movements of several robots and processes
  • Movements are optimized, sudden starts/stops are eliminated
  • Path switch points ensure exact synchronization of the robot movement and the process by compensating for delay times
  • Freely definable working rooms and disabled rooms for more safety
The gray curved line shows how the desired movement plays out without momentum pre-control. The green curved line shows how much more accurate the desired movement of the robot is subject to momentum pre-control by KEBA.

Robots quickly & precisely

Dynamic momentum model

...guarantees maximum speed, even for the fastest robot movements

  • Momentum model is a modelled representation of the real robot
  • Considers mass, inertia, elasticity and abrasion of individual components
  • Geometric and physical properties of the robots in path interpolation are considered
  • Momentum is calculated in addition to position, speed and acceleration
  • The momentum model is the basis for momentum pre-control for the drive unit

Use PLC + robotics to control any machine

Robotics as well as PLC and motion are combined in a single controller, creating many benefits for the integration of robots:

  • Simplified system structure
  • Faster commissioning
  • Much reduced wiring
  • Interfaces between PLC, motion and robot controls eliminated

  • High-performance programmable PLC based on CODESYS 3.5 in accordance with IEC 61131-3
  • Complete machine controls with PLCopen Motion functional components and standard modules
  • One standardized operation panel for PLC, motion and robotics
The focus of the image is the left front corner. Someone holds a KeTop of KEBA and pushes a button on the operating panel. Somewhat blurred in background, you can see a lightweight robot and a blinking control cabinet.

Operating robots & machines intuitively

Excellent ergonomics and intuitive operation are the key factors for efficiency in operation and observation. The KeTop devices offer both high-performance hardware optimized for the user and the correspondingly user-friendly software.

Working efficiently with robots

The ready-to-use TeachView robotics interface allows for the time-saving creation of robot programs - optimized results in record time are guaranteed. Furthermore, different manual KeTop operating devices optimized for the application in question are available for the intuitive Teach-in.

From mobile to stationary with only one software

With KEBA, Intuitive User Interfaces only have to be created once with the user-friendly automation tool KeStudio and they can then be used for both mobile and stationary operating devices.

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