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Easy-to-integrate solutions for mechanical and plant engineering

Digitalization promises new business potential as well as greater efficiency for workflows and production processes. However, there are no blueprints for how to implement digitalization. KEBA supports its customers on their path towards digitalization with easy-to-integrate engineering modules, tools, and the sharing of knowledge.

Digitalization can provide benefits along the entire value creation chain in mechanical and plant engineering; for example, automation, smart support and error prevention translate into time savings for a variety of work steps. Further benefits include digital add-ons that make legacy features more attractive and the creation of additional usability for operators in the field.

Technology basis for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 stands for the vision of a production environment in which all machines are networked, communicate with each other and thus achieve optimal production. In addition, smart assistant tools support people at work. This means that systems from different manufacturers using different technologies will have to be able to speak one language. Consequently, openness is the key to this vision.

For this reason, KEBA pursues an open platform architecture approach for its solutions. In particular when it comes to open-loop and closed-loop control and the human-machine interface, this ensures the necessary openness. This provides the freedom that users need to design custom Industry 4.0 solutions that fit their requirements.

Benefits at all stages of the automation process

The advantages of digitalization can most easily be illustrated by looking at the various stages of the automation process. The benefits arise from one or several factors such as time savings, relief for personnel, cost savings, greater customer satisfaction, error prevention in the relevant process stages, etc.

Reducing the complexity of application programming or supporting service technicians in their work are just some of the possibilities.
Other examples include added digital functionality for machines and systems that set your product apart from the competition and yield significant added benefit for operations.

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What is digitalization?

Digitalization, Industry 4.0, IoT, digital transformation... What is behind these buzzwords with regard to mechanical and plant engineering? What is KEBA offering in this field? Go to our FAQ page for frequently asked questions and answers on this topic.

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