KePol Flex-series
parcel lockers

Gamechanger for the automation of the first and last mile

At a glance

The parcel locker for every location

KePol Flex SL and KePol Flex GL are sophisticated delivery solutions that enable even quicker and more cost-effective outdoor installation.

The integrated concrete base allows installation without complicated, costly and time-consuming preparations of the desired location. This makes relocation child's play.

The parcel locker in the eco variant which is available for KePol Flex GL is particularly resource-saving. App operation instead of touchscreen and an optional photovoltaic element makes KePol Flex GL parcel lockers completely self-sufficient.



Concrete base enables installation without time-consuming site preparation

Conserving resources

Conserving resources

Self-sufficient operation through optional photovoltaic cells



Operation via smartphone

KEBA KePol Flex GL and KePol Flex SL parcel lockers

KePol Flex SL

Completely independent

KePol Flex SL is operated via smartphone and is the choice for small and economical installations. Thanks to the internal, long-life battery, KePol Flex SL can be operated without any electrical preparations.

The battery is designed for a lifetime of 10 years and makes the parcel lockerindependent of an external power supply. With a lower number of rack units, KePol SL fits through standard doors for easier transportation.

  • Plug & Play installation
  • Withstands all weather conditions
  • Interaction via smartphone and optional mini-HMI
  • Network connection via LTE modem with prepaid SIM card

KePol Flex GL

Fully flexible

With a broad portfolio of options, KePol Flex GL parcel lockers can be designed according to your needs and the requirements of the respective location. Plug & Play installation, different usage concepts and photovoltaic elements round off the functional flexibility of KePol Flex GL parcel lockers.

  • Extremely resistant to wind and weather
  • Operation via 12" touch screen (classic version) or via smartphone (eco version)
  • Wide range of options
  • eco variant available

Even higher flexibility and optimized in the eco variant

KePol Flex GL parcel lockers are also available in the eco-variant. This is characterised by its optimised equipment,
which reduces acquisition and operating costs.

State-of-the-art operation

Your customers can operate the parcel locker directly with their smartphone. This eliminates the need for components with increased energy consumption such as touchscreens or barcode scanners. This saves valuable resources and reduces your operating costs at the same time.

Self-sufficient parcel locker

KePol Flex GL becomes even more flexible and location-independent through the combination of photovoltaics and battery. This makes the parcel locker independent of external power supply.

Product comparison

  KePol Flex SL KePol Flex GL
Installation without site preparation
Operation via touchscreen 
Operation via smartphone
Power supply via power grid 
Power supply via photovoltaic element 
Power supply via batterie
Optional lighting 
Optional camera 
Intended useSmall locationsMedium to large locations
Usual number of boxes130 for 10 virtually grouped lockers165
Maximum number of boxes240 for 10 virtually grouped lockers280

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