More than a charging station

The carbon-neutral KeContact P30 wallbox

The KeContact P30

The climate-neutral charging station for your electric car or plug-in hybrid vehicle

For more than 10 years, we at KEBA have been pioneers in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The years of expertise have resulted in the carbon-neutral KeContact P30 – an innovative, intelligent and safe charging station. Fitted with numerous communication interfaces and various features such as RFID, WLAN, 4G or calibrated energy meters, it not only charges, but also controls, communicates and networks. The charging station therefore meets all the current and future eMobility requirements and is also good for the environment. The KeContact P30 is available in various variants – KEBA will provide you with the charger that perfectly suits both your needs and that of your electric car.

The advantages of our charging station at a glance:

  • Suitable for every EV and PHEV, charging quickly and conveniently
  • Manufactured in carbon-neutral processes in Austria
  • Quickly configured and ready to use straight away
  • Future-proof thanks to regular updates
  • Weatherproof and temperature-resistant
  • Innumerable features and communication standards
  • Can be integrated into smart home and backend systems


CO₂-neutral and resource-friendly



Comes with many important safety features



Designed for decades of trouble-free use

Made in Austria

Made in Austria

Made in Linz, Austria, to keep transportation routes short

KEBA eMobility App & Portal

Cable or socket?

With a fixed cable or a Type 2 socket, with shutter or without – the KeContact P30 is as flexible as your needs.

  • Integrated Type 2 charging cable: A wallbox with a permanently fixed Type 2 cable is practical, as it does not have to be attached before every charging process and then stowed away again afterwards.
  • Type 2 with socket: Charging stations with a Type 2 socket are needed if they are publicly available or if cars with different plug types are charged.
  • Type 2 with shutter: In countries like France and Italy, so-called shutters (touch protection IP XXD) are mandatory. These protect even better against accidentally touching the contacts.

Product comparison

 a-series c-series x-series Company car
Charging power
up to 3.7 KW (single phase)
up to 7.4 KW (single phase)
up to 11 kw (3-phase)
up to 22 kw (3-phase)
Charge plug connections
Type 2 with charging cable (6 m)
Type 2 with socket 
Type 2 with shutter
Load management
As master    
As client    
Communication interfaces
KEBA eMobility App & Portal 
Ethernet RJ45
Ethernet LSA+ 
UDP & Modbus TCP (passive) 
Modbus TCP (active)  
4G / LTE  optional  
ISO 15118 hardware-ready     
Technical features
Direct current fault monitoring
Approval input
Switch contact output
Energy meter (MID/ME)
Integrated Energy meter  
MID-certified optionaloptional  
Compliant to the German calibration law (ME)  optionaloptional  
LED display
Custom-Design-Coveroptional optional optional optional optional
Download detailed product comparison

Not sure which wallbox is the right one for you? Our Wallbox-Finder will help you find the right charging station.

Communication interfaces

  • USB for firmware updates or log file downloads without a PC or notebook
  • Ethernet RJ45 for firmware updates or log file downloads via PC or notebook
  • Ethernet LSA+ for connecting external meters via Modbus TCP and for a permanent communication connection to OCPP back-end, smart home server or other KeContact P30
  • Mobile communication 4G/LTE for connection to OCPP central systems
  • WLAN for easy access to the configuration and for wireless integration of wallboxes in an existing network


  • CE Label
  • UL Certification
  • Nissan EV-Ready
  • Renault Z.E. Ready 1.4D
  • OCPP 1.5 or OCPP 1.6


Brochure Data sheet EU Declaration of Conformity
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