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KeContact wallboxes

The perfect charging stations for your electric car or plug-in hybrid vehicle

Whether a simple wallbox or online-capable charging station, equipped for intelligent load management or designed for smart home integration - our charging solutions meet every requirement thanks to various equipment series and charge every electric car and every plug-in hybrid reliably and safely.

Thanks to their various interfaces and diverse features, wallboxes from KEBA can not only charge, but also meet all current and future requirements of electromobility - and do a lot for the climate at the same time.

The KeContact P30 and KeContact P40 are available in various configurations. With KEBA, you will find the wallbox that suits you perfectly.

The advantages of the KEBA charging station at a glance:

  • Suitable for every electric car and every plug-in hybrid

  • For fast and convenient charging

  • CO₂-optimized and produced in Austria

  • Quickly configured and ready for immediate use

  • Future-proof thanks to regular updates

  • Robust, weatherproof and temperature-resistant

  • Universally applicable thanks to countless equipment features and communication standards

  • Can be integrated into numerous smart home and backend systems

KeContact P40

The KeContact P40 is our latest charging station. It boasts an attractive design and is easy to install. It is available in two versions, both of which offer an outstanding charging experience and ease of use. This is also ensured, for example, by the standard 6-meter cable. With the option of PV surplus charging, charging current billing and full networking between the app, smart home and backend system, it is the right choice for today and tomorrow.

KeContact P30

The KeContact P30 is available in different series. You can also choose whether you want a fixed cable or a socket version. This means that the KeContact P30 adapts exactly to your needs. Whether you are looking for a simple charging station, an intelligent wallbox for your smart home or a stand-alone solution for a charging network with up to 16 wallboxes - the KeContact P30 is the right choice.



CO₂-neutral and resource-friendly



Comes with many important safety features



Designed for decades of trouble-free use

Made in Austria

Made in Austria

Made in Linz, Austria, to keep transportation routes short

KEBA eMobility App & Portal

Product comparison KeContact P30

 a-series c-series x-series Company car
Charging power
up to 3.7 KW (single phase)
up to 7.4 KW (single phase)
up to 11 kw (3-phase)
up to 22 kw (3-phase)
Charge plug connections
Type 2 with charging cable (6 m)
Type 2 with socket 
Type 2 with shutter
Load management
As master    
As client    
Communication interfaces
KEBA eMobility App & Portal 
Ethernet RJ45
Ethernet LSA+ 
UDP & Modbus TCP (passive) 
Modbus TCP (active)  
4G / LTE  optional  
ISO 15118 hardware-ready     
Technical features
Direct current fault monitoring
Approval input
Switch contact output
Energy meter (MID/ME)
Integrated Energy meter  
MID-certified optionaloptional  
Compliant to the German calibration law (ME)  optionaloptional  
LED display
Custom-Design-Coveroptional optional optional optional optional
Download detailed product comparison

Not sure which wallbox is the right one for you? Our Wallbox-Finder will help you find the right charging station.

Comparison table KeContact P40

 KeContact P40 KeContact P40 Pro
height/width/depth476 mm / 221 mm / 142 mm476 mm / 221 mm / 142 mm
Power rating7,4 kW / 11 kW7,4 kW / 22 kW
Cables & connectors6m type 2 cable
(EN 62196-1, VDE-AR-E 2623-2-2)
6m type 2 cable
(EN 62196-1, VDE-AR-E 2623-2-2)
2 inputs for external, potential-free switching contacts
1 potential-free output
Modbus TCP/RTU
Modbus RTU
Rest API
Technical features
KEBA eMobility App
KEBA eMobility Portal
integrated energy meter: MID / MEoptional**
Integratet phase switching
1 p – 3 p for charging with PV
RFID & Touch Button
ISO 15118 Hardware Ready (integrated Power Line Communication Modem) 
Optional LTE 

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Expert knowledge for smart charging solutions

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