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Three pictures of a KEBA wallbox KeContact P30 mounted on various pedestals


The KeContact P30 can be mounted on the wall or our high-quality stainless steel pedestal. The pedestal is available in three variants:

  • for single mounting

  • for double mounting in opposite arrangement

  • for double mounting in a triangular arrangement

With a pedestal from KEBA, you can set up one or two KeContact P30 wallboxes. It is also ideally suited if there are two parking spaces next to each other.

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KEBA Type 2 charging cable in green

Type 2 charging cable


For charging at wallboxes with a socket, you will need a separate charging cable. KEBA therefore offers the climate-neutral type 2 charging cable - produced in Europe and moreover:

  • available for charging with 11 kW or 22 kW
  • suitable for all KeContact P30 with socket
  • 6 metres long and equipped with an ergonomically shaped plug
  • robust and fitted with a protective flap

The green type 2 charging cable from KEBA also meets all relevant VDE and ICE requirements.

Image of the KeContact E10 - Energiezähler - smart energy meter

KeContact E10
Smart energy meter

The KeContactE10 energy meter measures the power consumption of all consumers in the household. As soon as the wallbox is connected to them, it detects the maximum permissible power consumption, subtracts the total consumption and regulates the charging power. The free capacity is calculated with the measured values and the charging current is distributed to the vehicles.

  • Fast charging when power is available
  • Protection against overload
  • Easy installation & commissioning even in existing systems thanks to included clamp-on current transformers
  • Max. measurable current 64 A
  • 1- or 3-phase power measurement in both directions
  • Enables excess PV charging
Illustration of the KeContact S10 - Phase Switching Device

KeContact S10
Phase Switching Device

The KeContact S10 Phase Switching Device switches between single-phase and 3-phase charging, depending on the current power of the PV system. This maximises the self-use of the self-produced PV electricity - even when, for example, the PV output is lower due to the weather. The S10 is the perfect complement to our PV Edition and part of our PV-Sets.

  • Enables PV-optimised charging
  • Switching between 3-phase and 1-phase charging
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy installation & commissioning
  • Maintenance-free
Five green RFID cards for the KEBA KeContact P30

RFID cards

If you want to restrict charging at your own charging station to certain users, you need a KeContact P30 with RFID function and the corresponding RFID cards. These are:

  • suitable for the authentication of several users
  • can be used for various purposes e.g. allocation and billing of charging processes
  • 10 pieces per pack

KEBA charging stations with RFID function are supplied with one card as standard. If you need additional cards, they can be ordered separately.

KEBA KeContact P30 cable holder in black with two screws and two screw covers

Charging cable holder

To keep the charging area tidy, there is a specially designed holder for the charging cable for all KeContact P30s:

  • for mounting on the wall or directly on the pedestal

  • includes fastening screws and corresponding screw covers

  • dimensions: width 102 mm, height 164 mm, depth 131 mm

  • available in the colour RAL 7016

The charging cable holder is mounted directly under the wallbox and reliably supports the coiled charging cable.

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