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Chargers for employees, guests & your fleet

eMobility solutions for every industry

Whether in retail, industry, hospitality or in the residential sector - electromobility has arrived in all areas of business. Not that surprising, since electric cars are no longer a rarity on public roads.

Faced with the growing number of registrations, businesses are thinking about how to deal with the change in mobility. Providing a charging infrastructure for EVs definitely pays off.

We at KEBA offer sophisticated charging solutions for:

  • charging your own company fleet
  • customers who arrive with an electric car
  • employees who commute with company cars or private electric vehicles
  • guests and visitors who want to charge their EV during their stay

Hotels, guesthouses and B&B's

EV charging while sleeping

More and more EV drivers also means more and more guests for hotels, guesthouses and private accommodation who arrive by EV. These guests are specifically looking for accommodation where their cars can be reliably charged overnight. Our charging solutions ensure this and also make it easy to invoice the charged energy. How? By relying on charging stations compliant with measurement and calibration laws from KEBA and easily managing them with the eMobility Solution for Hotels & Companies. This allows you to create user-specific reports on the charged energy and transparently pass on the costs. This ensures fairness, satisfied customers and higher returns on investment.

Residential complexes & apartment buildings

Make existing and new buildings fit for the future

Every modern home now also includes a charging option for EV's. Our charging solutions not only ensure safe charging in underground garages and protect against unauthorised access at freely accessible charging points. Our smart load management also enables a large number of charging points without having to increase the dimensions of the building's electrical system. And this works not only for new buildings, but also for existing buildings. Installed charging stations increase the value of the property and its attractiveness for tenants. And consequently also the rent that can be achieved.

If the charging station is not connected to the tenant's meter but to the general building connection, a wallbox compliant with measurement and calibration law is required to invoice the charged energy. The allocation via RFID cards as well as the creation of customised charging reports for further billing is easily done with our software solutions.

Retail / Shopping

More customers thanks to convenient charging stations

Charging always takes place when the EV is parked. That's why all businesses - whether retail, supermarket or entire shopping malls - already benefit from offering parking spaces with charging possibilities. We provide charging infrastructure that is not only durable and reliable, but also removes the payment obstacle for customers at your charging stations with the KeContact T10 Payment Terminal. Our system uses all common means of payment: in addition to the charging cards of charge point operators, debit and credit cards are also accepted. Thanks to NFC, it is completely contactless and thus also possible for mobile payment. With the T10 Payment Terminal, the wallboxes can be used and billed directly by all your customers without any difficulty.


Food, drink and EV charging

Are your guests having a good time at your locale? So take care not only of their physical well-being, but also of the battery of their EV. This way, your guests can start their journey home with peace of mind and, thanks to our smart charging stations paired with our eMobility solution for Hotels & Companies, you simply add the costs for the charged energy to the guests bill.

This ensures satisfied, returning and therefore more guests.

Fleet & company car charging

Charging solutions for your company fleet & employees' EVs

Do you want to convert the vehicles in your company to electric drive or provide your employees with a charging option for their company car or private EV's? Then the first important question is: Do you want to operate the charging infrastructure yourselves or outsource it to a Charge Point Operator?

If you decide on self-management of the charging points, we offer you the right hardware and software solutions for the following scenarios:

  • Charging without billing and analysis option - for this we offer various load management solutions, which also protect the building electrics.

  • Charging with billing and analysis option at one location - for this we offer the KEBA eMobility Solution for Hotels & Companies.

  • Charging with billing and analysis option at several locations and company car users at home - then the KEBA eMobility Portal is the right solution for you.

Your benefits with KEBA

Optimised load management

When many charging stations are in use, smart load management is needed. It avoids costly load peaks and enables the simultaneous charging of numerous EVs. Our charging management controller dynamically, cost-efficiently and scalably regulates the operation of up to 200 wallboxes.

Full connectivity

Our charging stations stand for maximum connectivity & compatibility. Thanks to their open, standardised interfaces, they can be integrated into a wide range of back-end, energy management and smart home systems from third-party suppliers.

Years of reliability

KEBA chargers are carbon-neutral, sustainable and designed for years of use. They are robustly built, temperature and weather resistant and, thanks to regular software updates, also absolutely future-proof.

Compliant with measurement and calibration law

A charging station must be compliant with measurement and calibration laws in order to be allowed to invoice the charged energy. Our ME wallboxes guarantee exact energy measurement, transparency and tamper-proofness.

A benefit for many

Whether customers, guests or employees - a charging station is an important criteria for many electric car owners. They tend to choose companies that provide charging infrastructure.

Digital solutions

With the KEBA eMobility App & Portal and the KEBA eMobility Solution for hotels & companies, we offer digital solutions for the control, management and billing of charging sessions to our customers.

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