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EV Charging - easy, convenient & chargeable

Until a few years ago, guests with electric vehicles (EVs) were still a rarity. Back then, guests would rely on their emergency charging cable and a standard 3 pin plug socket. Today, however, this is no longer sufficient. Why?

  • Charging from a three-pin plug is not only slow, but also dangerous.

  • More and more guests have EVs and expect charging options at their accommodation.

  • Electricity prices have risen so hospitality businesses need to be able to easily invoice for charging electricity consumed by guests.

A charging solution that meets all these requirements is therefore becoming a mus- have for many hotels and guesthouses.

The availability of charging stations is often an important criterion when choosing accommodation. Popular hotel booking platforms have introduced corresponding filter functions. Without a suitable charging station, you lose guests who are specifically looking for accommodations with a charging option. It is therefore best to opt for a safe, easy-to-use and reliable charging solution with a simple billing option from KEBA.

"Our guests like the fact that we rely on wallboxes that have not been transported halfway around the globe, but also come from Austria."

Christin Schmidleitner
Managing Director, Hotel Bergzauber

3 questions you should ask yourself

Should I provide my guests with a charging option?

Absolutely, as charging stations are highly sought after by guests with an EV. No wonder, since it makes the stay more relaxing knowing that they can leave with a full battery. Charging stations have become an important selection criterion for EV selecting a hotel. So much so, that most popular booking platforms have introduced filtering functions for charger availability. If a hotel does not appear here, it has already missed out on potential customers. However, if you can offer your guests a charging option, you can differentiate yourself from the competition. Therefore, it’s worth opting for a charging solution from KEBA.

Can I easily and transparently bill for the energy used to charge?

Certainly, by using the KEBA eMobility Solution for hotels and companies. This intuitive desktop application enables you to manage charging cards for guests and track their charging sessions or prepare them for billing. The KEBA eMobility Solution for hotels and companies creates a report for each guest detailing their charging sessions, energy consumption and the associated costs based on the defined kWh price. The charging costs incurred can then be added as an item directly on the hotel invoice.

Do I need a load management solution?

Yes, if you want to operate more than one charging station. When a single EV charges at an AC wallbox, it typically draws 11 kW. When multiple vehicles are charging simultaneously, the energy demand can quickly overwhelm the existing electrical system. However, since your hotel has other more important consumers - e.g. kitchen, laundry or wellness area,the charging currents must be adapted to the energy demand at that time. Load management systems monitor the building’s consumption in real time and regulate the charging stations accordingly. In situations where multiple wallboxes are required, our local charging management system (M20) with the P30 x-series offers an excellent solution.

Success Story

Charging solution for guests at Villa Bergzauber

Villa Bergzauber has chosen KEBA charging stations to meet the increasing demand and cater for the needs of their guests. In addition, our eMobility Solution for hotels & companies ensures accurate billing. This simple software provides professional charging management at Villa Bergzauber. That is sustainable hospitality.

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