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    Founded in Linz in 1968, KEBA today is an internationally active company that creates its success from technological innovations, the highest quality requirements, and the dynamism and enthusiasm of its employees.
    KEBA works on new developments and industry solutions with the objective of creating sustainable competitive advantages for its customers.

    The headquarters are in Linz, Austria. KEBA AG is represented by subsidiaries around the world. The KEBA Group also includes the German KEBA Industrial Automation Germany GmbH (formerly LTI Motion GmbH), the German company KEMAS, the German Heinz Fiege GmbH, the Dutch company DELEM, the Czech company KESAT and the Chinese joint venture CBPM-KEBA.

    In the fiscal year recently concluded (as of 03/31/2020) sales of € 373,5 millions (excluding CBPM-KEBA) were earned.

    KEBA group


    KEBA subsidiaries

    KEBA Group headquarters are located in Linz, Austria. The company has own branches in Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Turkey, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech Republic, the USA, China, India, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

    KEBA Industrial Automation Germany GmbH (formerly LTI Motion GmbH)

    Since the end of 2018, the German KEBA Industrial Automation Germany GmbH (formerly LTI Motion GmbH) with headquarters in Lahnau has been part of the KEBA Group. KEBA Industrial Automation Germany GmbH is a specialist in the area of servo drive technology.
    Since the merger, KEBA has been a total solution provider in the industrial automation sector. Customers receive their automation solutions from a single source - from operation, control and safety technology to drive technology, and all of this suitable for every industry.

    Heinz Fiege GmbH (DE)

    Since the end of 2018, the German Heinz Fiege GmbH based in Röllbach has been part of the KEBA Group. Heinz Fiege GmbH is a technologically leading supplier of spindle technology.

    KEMAS GmbH (DE)

    With effect from 31 May 2016, KEBA AG took over KEMAS GmbH, a German company based in Oberlungwitz near Chemnitz.
    KEBA has taken an 80 per cent interest in the company, which has a workforce of 75, while the remaining 20 per cent remain in the possession of the company founder and his son. The KEMAS name is to be retained and operate under the umbrella KEBA brand. The operative management of the new KEBA subsidiary will also remain in the hands of the established managerial team.

    DELEM (NL)

    In early 2013 KEBA took over a majority position in the Dutch automation company DELEM with headquarters in Eindhoven. With this takeover in the industrial automation sector, KEBA expanded its industry segment in plastics, robotics/handling technology, and packaging with the sheet metal processing segment.
    DELEM is an independent company within the KEBA group. The DELEM management team handles operations management.

    KESAT a.s. (CZ)

    KESAT a.s., based in Jihlava, Czech Republic, has been a subsidiary of KEBA AG since 1991. Its activities include the optimization, automation and visualization of production processes in various industries.


    In the start of 2007 KEBA expanded its position in the Chinese banking market by establishing the joint venture CBPM-KEBA with headquarters in Peking. CBPM (China banknote printing and minting corporation) is a subsidiary of the Chinese central bank that has about 30,000 employees and is the largest banknote printing company in the world. By founding CBPM-KEBA, marketing structures were used and potential synergies opened up.


    „Technologies of KEBA help people to make the
    world of life and work easier.“

    For years, KEBA has stood for innovative automation in a variety of industries. We want to shift these sophisticated solutions even more in the service of people. Not just the benefits themselves, but rather the simple access, the convenient use take center stage.

    With the claim "Easy to use", our products are consistently focused on the needs of the user and thereby create the optimal connection to technical solutions.

    Learn more about KEBA's Spirit

    In line with our claim of “Easy to use” our products are geared towards the user’s requirements at all times, thus establishing the optimum link to technical challenges.

    Our approach in respect of human interfaces represents a mindset that is oriented not only to the future but also to providing a service to people whenever required.

    "The solution is always simple, you just have to find it! "


    We focus all of our thinking and acting on the world of tomorrow:

    Only those who have the vision can create and contribute to innovations.

    Every day we find new solutions that simplify existing processes, make them faster, or result in entirely new applications.

    We sense trends and develop trendsetting solutions for defined industries.

    Clear unique selling propositions inspire both our customers and the users.

    • KEBA provides advantages for its customers through optimized complete solutions.
    • KEBA products stand for "easy-to-use".
    • Innovation and creating value are the basis of our sales success.
    • In selected segments, KEBA is market leader.
    • We have consistently continued our internationalization through expansion and founding of new subsidiaries.



    • German Design Award 'Special Mention' in category 'Workshop and Tools' for KeMes (2019)
    • Upper Austrian State Prize for Innovation for KeMes (2018)
    • Red Dot Award: Product Design - KeMes Angle measurement system (2018)
    • iF Product Design Award - KeMes (2018)
    • Robotics Award - KeTop T10 (2014)
    • iF Product Design Award - KeControl C3 CP330 (2010)
    • Award from the FFG* for Innovation Project (2008)
    • Best Family Company OÖ, Business Paper (2008)
    • iF Product Design Award for KePlus R6 & X6 (2008)


    • Ringier Technology Innovation Awards for technological innovations in the Chinese plastics, metal, packaging, and food industry (2008)
    • iF Product Design Award for KeTop T50 (2007)
    • Pegasus in Gold, Economic Prize from OÖ Nachrichten [Upper Austria News] (2005)
    • Austrian State Prize for Quality (2004)
    • World Mail Award in Gold Innovation KePol
      Packstation (2004)
    • Upper Austrian State Prize for Innovation in Gold (2003)
    • Austrian Continuing Education Prize KnewLEDGE 1st Place Companies up to 500 employees (2000)

    History and Milestones

    • 2020
      KEBA Industrial Automation Germany GmbH Headquarters Lahnau

      LTI Motion GmbH becomes KEBA Industrial Automation Germany GmbH

    • 2019

      KEBA acquires the german company LTI Motion GmbH

    • 2019
      A mircro branch with automated teller machine

      Market launch of KePlus connect - the smart micro branch of KEBA for financial institutions

    • 2018
      KeMes product picture

      Market launch of KeMes - the precision solution for efficient angular measurement

    • 2018
      Woman running through number 50

      KEBA celebrates 50 years anniversary

    • 2017
      Flag of India

      Indian subsidiary opened

    • 2017
      Product picture control C5

      Market launch of the new control generation KeControl C5

    • 2016
      Woman in front of bank branch

      KEBA presents its new ATMs for the first time: the evo series

    • 2016
      KEMAS company building

      KEBA taktes over the German self-service specialist KEMAS

    • 2015
      Woman is using the home charging station

      Market launch for the new home charging station for electric vehicles KeContact P30

    • 2015
      Product picture KeTop T200

      Market launch of the mobile operating terminal KeTop T200 - operating securely and ergonomically with the tablet for industry

    • 2014

      Market launch for the ral-time capable multi-touch operating panel KeTop APxx

    • 2013
      Managers in front of the DELEM building

      KEBA acquires majority position in Dutch company DELEM

    • 2013
      Man using the KeTop T10

      Market launch KeTop T10 directMove - operate robots quickly and easily with intuitive gestures

    • 2013
      KEBA production site

      KEBA expands - Plant 2 in Linz goes online

    • 2012
      Control and drive system

      Market launch of KeDrive for Motion - the compact control and drive system with integrated security controller

    • 2012
      Flag of South Korea

      South Korean subsidiary opened

    • 2010
      Flagge von Japan

      Japan subsidiary opened

    • 2009
      heating control product picture

      Enters Heating Control business for alternative energies

    • 2009
      Flag of Italy

      Italian subsidiary opened

    • 2009
      KePlus terminal - product picture

      Market launch of account service terminals KePlus K6 and KePlus P6

    • 2009
      Flag of Turkey

      Turkish subsidiary opened

    • 2009
      Control C3

      Market launch of ultra-compact real-time capable control generation KeControl C3

    • 2008
      Flag of Taiwan

      Taiwan subsidiary opened

    • 2007
      CBPM-KEBA Building

      CBPM-KEBA joint venture in China with the world's largest banknote printing company

    • 2006
      Flag of Romania

      Romanian subsidiary opened

    • 2004
      Flag of China

      KEBA CN Ltd. subsidiary opened in Beijing

    • 2003
      Woman with parcel in front of a parcel system

      KEBA revolutionizes package logistics with KePol package automation

    • 2003
      KEBA building - headquarters

      Move to new company headquarters building

    • 2002
      Product pictures of KeTop

      Expansion of product line to include handheld terminals

    • 2000
      Mr. Kletzmaier and Mr. Krippner

      KEBA celebrates 30 years anniversary

    • 2000

      The handheld terminal KeTop T100 sets new standards for ergonomics and robustness

    • 1999
      Woman using lottery terminal

      KEBA supplies KeWin lottery terminal with patented scanning technology

    • 1998
      Flag of USA

      US subsidiary opened

    • 1998
      Product picture

      Second generation of standardized programming environment for SPS, regualtor, robot, communications and visualization tasks

    • 1995
      Mobil handheld terminal

      Development of mobile robot programming and operating terminal

    • 1991
      Woman using

      Start of development of Kemro and Rondo - two promising products

    • 1990

      Germany subsidiary opened

    • 1985
      Safe with opened door

      Development for control system for the largest bank safety deposit system in Hong Kong

    • 1982
      Man in a car using the access control system

      Development of first safe control system and access control system for banks

    • 1975
      a KEBA employee in front of a control

      First control development based on microprocessor for rolling mill

    • 1970
      Two men in a technical disussion

      Karl Kletzmaier joins the company

    • 1968
      First KEBA office in Baumbachstrasse 22

      Company founded by Gunther Krippner at Baumbachstrasse 22

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