Supplier registration

Become a supplier

Why register?
The supplier registration process offers you the opportunity to contact the purchasing department at KEBA in a structured manner and bring your company to KEBA's attention.
The supplier registration process ensures that the right contact person at KEBA can get in touch with you and that all relevant information is available once registration is completed.

How is it done?
Just click on the registration button. The questionnaire should be generally self-explanatory.
If any questions should arise while you are completing the form, you can research them in the documentation in the download area. There you will find continuing information on the registration process.

What happens next?
Once you have registered successfully, you will be entered in the KEBA supplier database. You will be assigned the status "Approved for queries" and can therefore be considered for future projects.

The additional steps needed to acquire the status of "Approved for series production" can be found in the supplier handbook.

Questions about the registration process?

Please contact the purchasing department at KEBA: [email protected]

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