Access system
KeBin S10

Safe branches, smart design

Modern authentication

Modern authentication

with contactless technology

Secure access control

Secure access control

and full transparency

New functions

New functions

can be retrofitted at any time

Safety creates efficiency

Whenever money is involved, security plays a particularly important role. This applies above all to self-service foyers, where your customers enjoy round-the-clock services.

A reliable access control to your self-service zones strengthens the subjective feeling of security of your customers and therefore increases the efficiency of your branch. On the other hand, your inventory also remains well protected outside of opening hours.

KeBin S10, KEBA's intelligent foyer and access management system, reliably controls access to your branches and offers your customers maximum security.

Innovative technology creates investment security


Durable industrial components and state-of-the-art technologies, such as authentication with NFC, create security for many years to come.

Thanks to the expandability of the central unit, smart functions that are still completely unknown today can be retrofitted at any time.

KeBin S10 is used with a mobile phone and NFC-technology

Modern design for all your customers

Girl in a wheelchair uses KeBin S10 and authenticates contactlessly via her bank card and FC technology

The restrained design of the KeBin S10 is clearly structured and therefore intuitively understandable. The user guidance is intuitive and ensures simple operation for everyone.

The easy-to-understand icons and the renunciation of text guarantee the best usability for visually impaired.

Fast installation, minimal service costs


Thanks to compatibility with the previous product generation, the replacement of the door module with KeBin S10 is simple and cost-effective.

The running service costs of the access system are low as well: all activities necessary for the operation and the control can be carried out by your employees.

Woman opens the door to a bank branch by using KeBin S10 and authentication via NFC-technology

Integrated approach to safety

KeBin S10 access management, installed on a stand

The clear design of KeBin S10 is not only elegant, but also protects against skimming attacks. Superstructures on the glass front can be quickly identified as foreign objects and make KEBA's access system unattractive for criminals.

The data of your customers are also protected in the best possible way: it is encrypted and transmitted to the central unit in accordance with GDPR.

Smart branch management for today and tomorrow

KeBin S10 can be conveniently controlled from the office in the web browser. In the customizable dashboard you can see the most important information at a glance.

Thanks to the calendar function, in addition to weekday-specific opening times, settings for special openings are also possible.

Smart applications, inspired by Smart Home examples, can be easily integrated. Room elements such as light and music can be controlled with KeBin S10 and offer your customers a pleasant and friendly atmosphere - even in self-service branches.

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  • Access control with modern authentication
    (NFC, chip, magnetic stripe)
  • Full access control and transparency
  • Smart control of light, music, door, ..
  • Features can be retrofitted at any time
  • Secure and GDPR-compliant data processing
  • User-friendly remote control thanks to the web interface
  • Improved usability thanks to audio-visual user guidance
  • Simple and cost-effective installation


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