Pitch control systems

Benefit from our unique product and technology portfolio

Cost-efficient pitch systems for wind turbine installations

Compact and dedicated pitch solutions in the 5th product generation

The demand for lowering the levelized cost of electricity (LCoE) in the wind energy sector calls for cost-efficient, robust drive solutions and decentralized approaches to further increase the availability and safety of wind energy. KEBA offers many years of experience and a variety of references around electromechanical pitch control systems for onshore and offshore wind turbine installations.

We assist you with designing your system and help you find a cutting-edge, cost-optimized solution.

Your benefits at a glance

  • More than 20 years of application expertise
  • Cost-efficiency and flexibility for your preferred system architecture
  • Functional safety reduces material input
  • Lower plant operating costs
  • Drive design and storage sizing
  • Safety concept in the pitch system

20 years of application expertise

A successful track record

Since the dawn of wind turbine installations with active pitch control, KEBA has been supporting renowned wind turbine manufacturers in advancing and optimizing their systems. KEBA started early on to adapt the standard drive technology to the rugged environment, and to tailor new developments to this type of application. Today, the Pitch drives include a multitude of application-specific hardware and software features specially made for reliable Pitch control in onshore and offshore wind energy.

Functional safety reduces material input

In addition to compliance with the relevant guidelines defined by Germanischer Lloyd and TÜV-certified safety, KEBA offers a wide variety of safety features with design benefits for your wind turbine installation.

Your benefits:

  • Emergency pitching profiles with specific driving torque and braking torque values help reduce extreme loads on the wind turbine and thus lower the costs for materials significantly.
  • Controlled emergency pitching also eliminates unnecessary safety margins in the backup energy storage and the drive train.

  • In addition, the use of functional safety allows for new solutions to further reduce components with TÜV-certified performance level PLd (PLe according to ISO13849 at system level).

Flexibility for your preferred system architecture

  • Whether 3 or 4 or 6 or 7-box architecture, KEBA offers you a flexible platform for implementing your system philosophy.
  • We support you with a variety of cooling systems and fanless designs for flexible integration into cabinets and rotating hubs.
  • Our next-generation pitch controllers provide built-in electronic charging systems for your preferred backup power topology. Regardless of which motor technology your choose, KEBA offers experience and references for the control system of your choice.

Lowering operating costs

To reduce operating costs, the KEBA pitch drives provide increased robustness and easy maintenance to keep costs for wind turbine downtime to a minimum.

The pitch controllers are designed and tested for the rugged environment, continuous rotation and the operation in unstable grids. They stand out for their extended temperature range for hot climate sites and cold climate sites and also offer high availability in compliance with the latest grid code requirements worldwide.

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