Individual drive systems

Individual drive systems

Individual drive systems

Individual needs in mechanical engineering

Special machines are characterized by a high degree of individualization. The have to fulfill very specific purposes. Built-in motors, torque direct drives, linear motors or special motors with e.g. hollow shafts are often used.
KEBA’s wide range of servocontrollers and motors as well as the easy integration of special motors and gears from third-party suppliers make KEBA the right drive partner for you. Support for a wide range of encoder protocols allows the servocontrollers to be combined with almost all available motor/encoder combinations.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Decades of experience in drive design and commissioning of a highly diverse range of machines
  • Complete drive technology from a single source
  • Extensive product range
  • Smooth integration of special motors
  • Safety on board
Aesthetic design drawing of two gearwheels on paper with three-dimensional gear wheels lying on the drawings and disappearing into the paper.

Technical highlights

  • Support for all field bus systems commonly used in industry
  • Support for all common encoder systems
  • Wide power range from 750 W to above 200 kW
  • Built-in safety technology
  • Excellent motor control precision
  • Top energy efficiency thanks to DC coupling of the servo axes (joint DC bus)
  • Up to triple overload capability

Drive solutions for mechanical engineering

The optimum drive package for every machine.

Whether industry-specific functions and interfaces, variable and large power ranges or the highest demands on machine safety: Experience the diversity of our systems with selected applications. We would be pleased to show you the added value of KEBA drives and future-proof solutions for your machines.

Sheet metal bending / hydraulic press

Shows a hydraulic plate bending machine with a piece bent halfway and a hand that holds the piece using a rod. The photo is stylized with blurriness and slightly bluish.

ServoOne with integrated hydraulic function

In the upper force range, hydraulic systems continue to play the leading role due to their high power density. Our ServoOne servo controller already has hydraulic control on board.

Your benefits

  • Energy savings through the use of the servo pump
  • No external hydraulic control required thanks to the integrated hydraulic function in the servocontroller
  • Graphical user interface for easy commissioning of your hydraulic system
  • Proprietary product range of highly dynamic servo motors
  • Integration of customers’ servomotors also possible
  • Coupling of hydraulic axes and electric axes in a single automation system

Fully electric plate bending machine

Shows a fully electric plate bending machine with two gloved hands that feed the plate the into the machine.

Maximum energy efficiency through the use of servomotors

For small to medium force ranges in the press segment, direct electromechanical solutions are possible. This increases the accuracy of your bending process as well as the energy balance of your machine.

Your benefits

  • No hydraulics required
  • Maximum energy efficiency through the use of synchronous servomotors
  • No oil changes, no leaks
  • Main drive with gear motor and auxiliary drives in a DC bus
  • High press force with up to 3-fold overload capacity of the servosystems even at standstill
  • Many years of experience in the design of electrical presses

Material test machine

Shows a test machine with metal disks from the inside. The image is stylized in blue.

Destructive product quality testing

Destructive material testing (compressive/tensile) demands absolute precision of the control system. Our servosystems achieve this through high-resolution current and position measurements, various compensation methods (e.g. cogging compensation) in conjunction with the use of high-resolution encoder systems. The internal data is transmitted to the higher-level controller via a real-time bus system with bus speeds of up to 125 µs.

Your benefits

  • High-resolution torque, speed and position measurements
  • Internal scope function of test machine
  • Internal measurement data of the servocontroller can be evaluated externally
  • Functional safety technology built into the servocontroller for safe position monitoring

Handling machine

Shows a handling machine slightly blurred in blue and purple hues.

Machines for the loading and unloading of processing machines as well as sorting and picking machines

Handling machines are used to feed and remove materials into and from processing machines as well as for sorting and picking tasks. This wide range of requirements means that these machines require either dynamics at a compact installation size, or high torque or high force with linear motors. Usually with medium positioning accuracy.

With many years of experience in the design of drives for a wide variety of handling machines, KEBA is the right drive technology partner in this segment. We offer you a wide range of servo motors and gears as well as solution competence in the field of torque and linear motors.

Your benefits

  • Decades of experience in drive design
  • Complete drive technology from a single source
  • Extensive product range
  • Safety on board

Woodworking machine

ServoOne / ServoOne CM for wood processing

Woodworking machines are characterised by their high versatility of processing functions. Sawing, milling, drilling. Our drive solutions is designed precisely for this purpose. With a wide range of high-resolution encoders for analogue as well as Hiperface, EnDat and SSI encoders..

Your benefits

  • High productivity due to high dynamics in the overall system
  • Quick setpoints with bus cycles up to 125 μs
  • High precision due to high-quality control of torque, synchronism and position
  • Large selection of feedback systems (resolver, Hiperface, EnDat and SSI)
  • High energy efficiency thanks to common DC bus
  • Cost optimization due to possible use of multi-axis controllers

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