KeDrive D3-AC

All-in-one multi-axis drive

Machines with only a few drives require all-in-one drives like the new KeDrive D3-AC. It integrates AC mains input, motor output & control, a mains filter and the braking resistor. Unique about KeDrive D3-AC is the fact that up to 3 axis controllers are integrated in one unit. This allows a very compact design and extremely reduces the wiring effort.

Focus on handling applications

KeDrive D3-AC is well suited for triple-axis handling kinematics.
Cartesian robots in particular often require increased drive power in one of the axes. For this reason, triple-axis drives with
4A|4A|6A or 8A|8A|12A rated currents are available.

Gantry systems with multiple motors can be controlled with an
axis-integrated function module.

Open for various automation concepts

Different fieldbus protocols allow the KeDrive D3-AC to be
quickly integrated into a wide range of automation concepts.
Total automation solutions can also be easily implemented
together with KEBA robot controllers and HMIs.

Drive system for modular machines

KeDrive D3-AC is part of the KeDrive D3 drive series. The
KeDrive D3 multi-axis drive system is a powerful solution for
machines with a large number of axes. For compact machines
with a small number of axes, KeDrive D3-AC now provides an
even more cost-effective solution. Thus, the KeDrive D3 system
offers economic drive solutions starting with just one axis.

Your added values

  • Extremely compact with up to 3 axes in one unit
  • Up to 3-times overload
  • „High-load“ axis @ triple-axis drives (4A/4A/6A or 8A/8A/12A)
  • 1/3 x 230 V & 3 x 400 | 480 V AC supply voltage
  • Integrated mains filter & brake resistor
  • CANopen
  • Scalable Safe Motion acc. SIL 3, PL e Kat. 4
  • Safe communication via FSoE & PROFIsafe
  • Extended motor control functions e.g. gantry
  • Flexible & open motor and encoder interface
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