Yaw drive systems

The future of Yaw control

Low wind turbine costs and LCoE

Conventional concepts with motors running directly on the grid involve certain technological drawbacks. Unwanted loads due to abrupt start-up operations increase mechanical wear and tear. In addition, the electrical and hydraulic systems need to harmonize.

These problems can be addressed through the use of a controlled multi-axis drive system that synchronizes and optimizes the drive output power of the individual motors. KEBA’s modular KeDrive D3 system supports this approach using state-of-the-art servo drive technology.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Higher energy yield thanks to more accurate yawing
  • Significantly less wear of mechanical components thanks to the active clamping of the axes
  • Controlled acceleration and braking torque for 4-quadrant operation
  • Lower wind turbine costs thanks to the replacement of slow hydraulic brakes
Product illustration of a KEBA drive concept for a wind turbine installation

The intelligent drive concept in the DC bus connection

High power range and active energy recovery

The product service life of a wind turbine installation is 25 years and longer and requires low-wearing intelligent control concepts for the multi-axis group. KEBA, the servo specialist, offers you a wide range of experience and references in the dynamic synchronization of multi-axis solutions including the compensation of gear faults.

Product illustration of an onshore 4MW yaw drive with KeDrive D3 components

Yaw drive based on KeDrive D3

KEBA, the servo specialist, offers you a wide range of experience and references in the dynamic synchronization of multi-axis solutions.

Our industry products based on the KeDrive D3 platform allow for the implementation of new, intelligent control techniques for yawing.

KeDrive D3 is an automation system that includes a compact triple-axis controller and integrated safety control, saving plenty of room in the cabinet.

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The following KeDrive D3 components work together perfectly:

  • Scalable motion control
  • Safety control
  • Supply unit
  • Power pack for auxiliary power supply
  • Single-axis, double-axis, and triple-axis controllers

KEBA combines these components perfectly in a form factor and sets new standards with regards to compactness, simplicity, flexibility, safety, dynamic and precision of automation systems.

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Product photo of KEBA-PitchOne


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Product photo of a KEBA pitch motor

Pitch motors

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