Our actions within the KEBA Group and towards business partners and the public are characterized by responsibility, appreciation and integrity. Values, principles and our Code of Conduct (CoC) support us in this.
Respect for internal regulations is important to us and compliance with laws is a matter of course for us.

Our guiding principle:
Compliance is sustainable when it is embedded in the culture of the organization, as well as in the behavior and attitudes of the people who work for the organization.

Compliance Organisation

The compliance structure of the KEBA Group supports the organization and its employees in complying with mandatory compliance requirements such as laws or regulations as well as voluntarily defined compliance obligations such as the Code of Conduct or various internal rules.

The compliance employees evaluate the compliance risks in the business environment and derive appropriate risk-reducing requirements for the organization.

Appropriate communication and training measures enable our employees to be familiar with the requirements and to act in accordance with them.

Furthermore, information on deviations from the rules is recorded and processed.

Improvements in processes, specifications or training can be derived from this; or appropriate steps are taken in the event of deliberately damaging misconduct.

The KEBA Integrity Line whistleblowing system

Perhaps you have knowledge of violations of legal and internal organizational rules or information about inadequate product safety or security vulnerabilities in products or IT systems.

With the KEBA Integrity Line, we provide you with a digital whistleblowing system certified according to the highest security and data protection standards to send us your information.

We would like to encourage you to provide us with your contact details when submitting a report so that open questions can be clarified quickly and effectively in a personal exchange.

Should you, for whatever reason, prefer an anonymous report, we will of course respect this. In this case, too, you can continue to cooperate anonymously in the clarification of the case by setting up a mailbox.

You can find more information about the process directly in the system.

By providing us with your information, you will be helping to protect our company from loss of reputation or to uncover or avert damage to the company, its employees or business partners at an early stage.

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