KeContact M20 Charging Management Controller

Intelligent load management for up to 200 wallboxes

Smart charging management for more charging points

We know a thing or two about intelligent charging management. Our x-series wallboxes have long been providing performance-based, dynamic control of up to fifteen c-series wallboxes. This smart arrangement is needed wherever many charging stations are part of a building’s electrical system – for instance in multi-storey or underground car parks, in hotels and company parking lots. As the continuing spread of e-mobility will require increasingly larger systems with more charging points, we have developed a solution that enables easy scaling: the KeContact M20 charging management controller. It allows optimal control of up to 200 wallboxes and therefore, of the performances of large charging parks with a correspondingly large number of electric vehicles.

M20 charging management controller benefits at a glance

  • Intelligent control of up to 200 wallboxes
  • Enables dynamic load management and thus optimal and safe utilisation of the building’s electrical system
  • Full connectivity using OCPP via LAN or 4G/LTE
  • Enables configuration of entire charging infrastructure via a central web interface
  • Avoids oversize asymmetric loads with phase correct management of the charging sessions
  • Create up to 15 charging station clusters that can be freely configured as a unit
For up to 200 wallboxes

For up to 200 wallboxes

All connected to one network node

For easy <br> access

For easy

Control via web interface and OCPP

For wireless data exchange

For wireless data exchange

Communication via 4G/LTE with external antenna

For optimal load output

For optimal load output

Maximum use of building electrics

More efficiency, greater safety, lower costs – thanks to load management

In order not to put too much strain on the building’s electrics, its consumers must be monitored and regulated. This prevents power outages through overload. The term for this is load management. In the specific case of charging infrastructure management – electric vehicles and charging stations are big electricity consumers by nature – we speak of charging management. The smarter its design, the less noticeable the control interventions in the form of throttled charging capacity – even if a building has a relatively low connected load.

KeContact M20 – the central control unit

Connected to an external meter, the KeContact M20 charging management controller constantly monitors a building’s primary electricity requirement. It releases the additionally available power to the charging stations and the electric vehicles. This ensures the optimal use of the existing building electrics for charging, and the connected load of a new building can be configured to be lower. This reduces the use of resources to the essentials, cuts expenses, and is sustainable.

  • It allows charging stations to be grouped into up to 15 clusters and enables the configuration of corresponding load limits in accordance with the electrics (e.g. sub-distributors in a multi-storey garage).
  • Supports static and dynamic load management.
  • All charging sessions are stored locally for three months.

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