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Part of our DNA

Measures for environmentally compatible design are integrated into all areas of the company and are reflected in our processes, procedures and products, taking into account the product life cycle.

It is not only we ourselves who produce in the most resource-conserving way possible. We also select our suppliers on the basis of environmentally oriented criteria
and are in close coordination with our partners and customers in order to improve together.

With our products and services, we sustainably conserve resources in industry and make our customers' processes more resource-efficient.

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Not a marginal topic for us

Legally speaking, a new understanding of accessibility has been created in the EU, and specifically in Germany with the Barrier-Free Act. From July 2025, all new devices available to the general public must be barrier-free.

Particularly in the case of self-service terminals, it is important to consider not only the legal component, but also social responsibility. Communication with the public administration and downstream processes in particular should not only be barrier-free, but also designed to be simple.

KEBA has been working for years with the experts at myAbility to ensure that its products comply with standards and are user-friendly. User tests with people with disabilities help to understand what specifically needs to be taken into account. After all, true accessibility often requires more than just compliance with standards.

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Safety plays a major role in all our developments. On the one hand, our products are designed so that they can be used safely by everyone. You are also in the right place when it comes to cybersecurity: With DPS, we have brought a strong project partner on board who takes care of ongoing security updates for client and server as well as regular tests of the software.

On the other hand, investment security is also a top priority. Some components can be retrofitted or replaced at a later date. This guarantees a long service life for our devices, which in turn has an impact on their sustainability.

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With us, you have a strong and reliable partner at your side. Through considered and careful management, KEBA has recorded constant, economic growth since its founding in 1968, despite sometimes difficult general conditions.

This is due to careful company management and a constant striving for innovation. The broad positioning of the company in the selected industries guarantees great independence and economic security.

Therefore, our investors trust us in long-term partnerships.
The use of financial resources is carefully considered to ensure that they are deployed in the best possible cost-benefit ratio.

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