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‘More than 50,000 installed self-service systems attest to the quality of our solutions, but also to how KEBA stands by its word.’

Matthias Ahrens
Business Development Digital Public Services
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Part of our DNA

We have integrated measures to make all parts of our company ecologically sound. All of our processes, procedures and products reflect our efforts towards sustainability, taking into account the entire product lifecycle.

We’re not the only ones who save resources in production at every opportunity – we also choose our suppliers based on eco-friendliness
and coordinate closely with partners and customers to improve together.

Our products and services sustainably save resources in the industry and make our customers’ processes more resource-efficient.

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More than a sidenote to us

In legal terms, the EU – and Germany in particular with its Accessibility Strengthening Act – shine a new light on accessibility. Beginning July 2025, all new machines available to the broader public will be legally required to be handicapped accessible.

Where self-service terminals are concerned especially, there is an aspect of social responsibility to be considered above and beyond any legal requirements. Moreso than elsewhere, communication with public administrations and all further connected processes should be not only accessible but easy.

KEBA has been working closely with the experts at myAbility for years to meet standards and improve user-friendliness. We conduct user tests with people who have disabilities to help us understand what needs particular attention. Real accessibility often takes more than just compliance with standards.

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Security is a major factor we consider in all of our development work. For the one part, we design our products to ensure that anyone can use them securely. And we also have you covered when it comes to cybersecurity: DPS has joined us as a strong project partner who will take care of ongoing client- and server-side security updates and of regular software testing.

For the other, we also care deeply about investment security. A number of components can be upgraded or swapped out later. This guarantees that our machines achieve a long service life, in turn affecting sustainability.

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We are the strong and reliable partner at your side. Our thoughtful, deliberating operation has brought KEBA constant economic growth since our founding in 1968, even in the face of sometimes difficult boundary conditions.

This was only possible through careful company management and the constant pursuit of innovation. Our horizontal diversification across the chosen industries ensures that we remain fiercely independent of the international financial markets and has built strong economic security.

We have earned the faith our investors put in us, who engage with us in long-term partnerships.
Financial resources are expended only after careful consideration has shown that they will produce as good a cost/benefit ratio as possible.

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