Heat pump control

KeEnergy h1000 - The industry solution from KEBA

The most reliable hardware and software for your heat pumps

As a complete package, the KeEnergy h1000 heat pump control offers an outstanding combination of hardware and software for your heaters. The hardware is of industrial quality; the individual components are connected via a fast serial bus and are freely expandable. Software packages that are optimally matched to one another facilitate fast and individual creation of a new heating application.

System overview

KeEnergy h1000

Optimization of your heat pump

Optimum start valve position

The model-based overheat control very quickly ascertains the correct initial position of the electronic expansion valve and stably controls to an optimum seasonal performance factor with a low overheat.

Avoidance of start/stop cycles

Controlled by a KEBA heat pump control, the combination of inverter and variable-speed compressor achieves energy savings of up to 25% over standard fixed-speed compressors.

Characteristic field monitoring for variable-speed compressors

The characteristic field monitoring developed at KEBA for variable-speed compressors guarantees many years of stable compressor operation in accordance with the specifications of the compressor manufacturer.

Optimum flow rate

Other energy efficiency improvements are made possible by speed control of heating circuit pumps and source pumps. By evaluating the difference between the flow and return temperature, the pumps are always controlled exactly to the required flow rate.

Intelligently combined

Heat pump control and photovoltaics

Optimum use can be made of the self-produced electricity for the heat pump by means of the combination of a heat pump and a photovoltaic system. Utilization of the locally generated regenerative energy therefore increases, and the amount of electricity drawn from the mains can be reduced.

The KeEnergy control system has a Modbus TCP interface and can thus be easily integrated into higher-level management systems. This provides the information about the infeed of surplus power into the mains. Alternatively, the heat pump can be integrated using a smart-grid-ready interface or an S0 pulse counter.

With variable-speed systems, the compressor power is controlled to the current mains surplus power, which significantly increases the utilization of the PV energy. At the same time, operation is kept within the compressor characteristic field. The energy use is also optimized by integration of weather forecasting.

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