KeContact P30 x-series

The communication center for intelligently controlled charging.

OCPP communication to a central system

The OCPP communication standard makes controlled charging, monitoring and billing possible.

4G/LTE interface

The x series allows for wireless connection to a central system by means of 4G/LTE for locations with no network connection.

Local load management

The x-series can control the charging processes of up to 15 KeContact P30 c-series depending on the energy available.


For integrated electromobility solutions

The "x-series" makes local load management possible: Because of simultaneous charging of multiple electric vehicles, the required energy demand can exceed the available charging capacity. Load management makes it possible to smooth out the load curve of the connected vehicle by means of time relocation, prioritizing or distribution and prevent expensive peak loads.

Capacities are therefore used in the best possible way, costs reduced in the long-term and resource consumption optimized. The goal of load management system is to get rid of power peaks and therefore even out the trend of power consumption. External meter data can easily be read out via Modbus TCP protocol so that the charging processes can, for example, be controlled depending on the house power grid.

Product comparison

a-seriesc-seriesx-series GREEN EDITION
Charge connectors
Type 2 
Type 2 with shutter 
Type 2 with fixed cable
Cable lengths
4 meters  
6 meters
Charging capacity
Technical features
DC leakage detection
Enable input
Switch output
Communication interfaces
Ethernet RJ45
Ethernet LSA+  
Modbus TCP  
Mobile communication 4G/LTE  
Load management
Master (OCPP, load management)  
Client (OCPP, load management)   
Options for user authorization
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