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Simplicity, modern operation, and strong performance are particularly important in controlling injection molding machines. With KEBA, you can rely on innovative automation solutions with the highest service quality. In line with its credo, Automation by innovation, we have been developing cutting-edge solutions optimized to your needs – because our passion is your success.

We speak the language of your industry
Thanks to years of experience in controlling injection molding machines, the experts from KEBA have acquired a comprehensive knowledge of the industry and technology. As a result, KEBA employees are able to respond to your requests in all areas quickly and competently and discuss issues with you on an equal footing in the specialist language that you are accustomed to.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Strong partnership: Reliable & instant support by a global acting team
  • Premium quality & modern design: High-end brand design of hardware & software based on the latest technologies
  • For all plastics machines & applications
  • Future-proof platform: Cutting-edge, modular, and scalable hardware & software platform
  • Ready for Industry 4.0: Smart assistance systems for the highest productivity

The cycle of our automation solution

KEBA customers enjoy the best possible support and assistance. A comprehensive understanding of the markets, processes, technologies, and customer-specific requirements right down to the smallest detail forms the basis for a successful and long-lasting partnership. This begins with initial consultation and continues with system design through to installation and series production support. Our modular training programs provide focused instructions in operation, servicing and programming.

The perfect solution for all processes

The control generation of KePlast provides the highest performance in combination with the shortest cycle time. The complete solutions stand out with the European brand quality and modern design both on hardware and software.

Injection Molding

Section of an injection molding machine automated with a KePlast control

Our complete automation solutions are outstanding due to our industry expertise, particularly in injection molding machines (IMM) and its wide range of machine types. The entire KePlast i-series –  ranging from i1000, i2000, i3000, and i8000 – is characterized by a scalable hardware and a common software platform that enables maximum flexibility for all business requirements. This guarantees you the maximum differentiation for your competitive advantage.

Your benefits

  • Multitouch HMI panels with or without established key operation
  • Linux-based and future-proof platform & open application framework
  • Compact controller with integrated I/Os
  • High-speed EtherCAT fieldbus
  • Smart product portfolio for Industry 4.0 readiness

KePlast i-series – the optimized solutions for your plastics injection molding machine


Sections of a plastic extrusion machine

Extrusion is an integral part of the plastics machinery processes. Due to our decades of experience in temperature control and continuous plastification, the KePlast system is ideally suited for extrusion lines in particular.

Thanks to the scalable control systems and HMI hardware, various downstream devices can be perfectly implemented, such as vacuum sizing chamber, water cooling, pullers, and cutters. Via OPC UA interfaces, KEBA offers the machine manufacturer future-proof solutions for the integration of downstream components.

Your benefits

  • Scalable stationary and mobile multitouch HMI device
  • Linux-based platform and open software framework
  • Decentral and central I/O and CPU architecture
  • Smart communication interfaces for Industry 4.0 readiness, such as OPC UA and EUROMAP

KePlast e-series – the ideal control solutions for your extrusion line


Hand with plastic granules for recycling

The modular and scalable products of the KeControl C5 control platform are ideally suited for use in recycling plants – whether central compact recyclers or decentralized large-scale plants with additional peripherals.

Thanks to the software modules of the KePlast technology framework, external temperature controllers, for example, can be omitted and implemented directly in the control system.
The modern and user-friendly multitouch products of the KeTop series round off the KEBA overall portfolio.

Your benefits

  • Linux-based platform and modular software technology libraries
  • Scalable stationary and mobile multitouch HMI device
  • Decentral and central I/O and CPU architecture
  • Smart communication interfaces for Industry 4.0 readiness, such as OPC UA and EUROMAP

KePlast r-series – innovative products for your individualized recycling machine

Blow Molding

Detail of a plastic blow molding machine with bottle preforms

Extrusion blow moulding machines can be perfectly realized with the KEBA standard product portfolio. Large multi-touch panels of the KeTop series ensure high-quality and comfortable operation including gesture control. The IO modules of the KeConnect C5 line can be connected locally directly to a KeControl C5 controller - in line with the system concept - or they can be remotely connected via EtherCAT - IP67 modules included.

The open software platform of the KePlast Plastics Framework offers the perfect starting point for your fully comprehensive automation. Technology functions such as wall-thickness control can be implemented in IEC61131 or directly in C++ and guarantee know-how protection for your core competence. Comprehensive widgets and templates are available in the KeView Style visualization interface to implement the graphic wall-thickness editor in a customized manner.

Your benefits

  • Linux-based platform and modular software technology libraries
  • Scalable stationary and mobile multitouch HMI device
  • Decentral and central I/O and CPU architecture
  • Smart communication interfaces for Industry 4.0 readiness, such as OPC UA and EUROMAP

KePlast b-series – innovative portfolio for your individualized blow molding machine

Other Processes & Peripheral Devices

Detail of a plastics machinery plant

In addition to the core process of the injection molding machine, accompanying processes and peripheral equipment are an important focus of the KePlast product family.
With the solutions of KeMotion IMM Robot Solutions, 3-axis take-out robots, as well as complex 6-axis jointed-arm robots, can be realized. For the realization of hot runner systems, optimized modules with heating channel temperature control incl. energy measurement are available - whether integrated into the injection molding machine or as a stand-alone unit with CPU.

With the KEBA automation system and the open KePlast software, any accompanying processes can of course be controlled, right up to a full-fledged production cell.
OPC UA and EUROMAP interfaces are an important component of modern communication concepts. KePlast control solutions are equipped with OPC UA and thus form the basis for the realization of Industry 4.0 applications

Your benefits

  • Various mobile or stationary panels for many demands
  • Linux-based and future-proof platform & open application framework
  • Powerful information model for the realization of any EUROMAP interfaces
  • High-speed EtherCAT fieldbus
  • Smart product portfolio for Industry 4.0 readiness

KePlast - the perfect solutions for your plastics business

KePlast Smart Functions

Faster & more accurate control technology with KEBA concepts

The latest achievements of our control engineering experts – the newest control engineering technologies and smart functions of KEBA & KePlast – in an informative, but interactive way.

Detail of a plastic injection molding machine with components

The software makes the difference

Whether any kind of injection molding machine or other plastics processes machinery – all KePlast systems are based on a fully scalable and innovative software platform. The KePlast framework is extremely flexible.

The KePlast Software Framework offers perfect assistance in all phases of the automation cycle. Ready-to-use technology libraries for controlling temperature or pressure-based closed loops can be used instantly as well as various sets of software features and templates needed in any plastic machines.

Powerful software platform for your competitive advantage
The KePlast platform enables multiple communication protocol standards and interface specifications, such as OPC UA and EUROMAP. Due to its openness, any customer-specific individualization and the integration of 3rd party programs can be realized. The KePlast Application Framework with its integrated software libraries is a ready-to-use solution as well as a starting point for any requested modifications and extensions – in which the customers can bring in their own technology and application know-how.

Mastering your digital transformation

You can benefit through the partnership with KEBA – by having an expert at your side who plays a pioneering role in various areas including the integration of Linux-based technologies and other cloud-based assistance services. With innovation cycles becoming frequently shorter, the market demands a broad portfolio of new technologies that should be integrated quickly and easily. At the same time, these systems must be scalable and highly flexible.

KePlast Smart Industry – the Smart Industry 4.0 portfolio

  • KePlast Smart Factory:
    Assistance programs for increased productivity
  • KePlast Smart Technology:
    Technology libraries and wizards for the machine
  • KePlast Smart Engineering:
    User-friendly engineering and tools for the OEM’s fast machine configurations

Your benefits with KePlast

Stronger together

With our customers, we go for a partnership-based relationship that goes far beyond project support. In perfect symbiosis, we master ever shorter product lifecycles together. In an active dialog, we jointly design the best custom solutions together. The end of the series production is not the end of our partnership. It is the beginning of a new generation of machines.

Future-proof platform

KEBA technologies are based on a Linux platform with a strong community in the background. Due to its modularity and sophisticated software architecture, all KePlast controllers can be upgraded from a basic to a high-end system at any time, meeting the latest technology trends – supplemented by several functionalities and further smart assistance systems. This makes our KePlast control solutions future-proof.

Quick time-to-market

From initial consultation to system design, installation and series production support, the KEBA experts are available with their sound knowledge. Customized software adaptations to process control optimization can be done quickly and easily.

Available worldwide

A large team of highly educated application engineers is available worldwide. The locally-based teams put your plastics and injection molding machines into operation quickly and with skill.

Our customers trust in us

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