KePlus F-Line

Versatile in function and design for the requirements of today, tomorrow and beyond



cassette technology

Investment protection

Investment protection

thanks to wing concept

Brand ambassador

Brand ambassador

through branding

KePlus F-Line is super flexible and offers outstanding features such as seamless integration.

The KePlus F-Line at a glance

The KePlus F-Line of the evo series offers banks and savings banks maximum flexibility: in the number of recyclable denominations, the range of functions, branch design, and in the development of new branch concepts.

Today full service, tomorrow a service branch, and self-service the day after tomorrow – no problem with evo devices of the KePlus F-Line. State-of-the-art self-service systems easily adaptable to corporate design, intelligent security and energy-saving concepts, and barrier-free and intuitive operation for all user groups round off this line’s portfolio.

Top performance and maximum flexibility

The high-availability cash recycling module from the KePlus F-Line offers optimized recycling thanks to dual cassette technology. With five physical cassettes, it’s possible to recycle up to eight banknote denominations.

This improved recycling rate optimizes cash handling costs. On the other hand, large sums and change can be withdrawn or currency recycling can be implemented.

In this way, evo replaces counter services and provides room for new branch concepts, such as the replacement of teller assist units (TAU), employee-supported self-service (self-service registers) or fully automated services in small branches.

Maximum flexibility, a wide range of design possibilities

The self-service devices from the evo series provide maximum leeway for installation variants – whether indoors or outdoors, freestanding, through the wall, or as a roll-under variant. The KePlus F-Line from the evo series also offers a wide range of design options.

Thanks to the reduced, linear form and a special ventilation concept, the self-service products offer a wide range of cladding and integration options. This allows easy adaptation to your institution’s corporate design and harmonious integration into the branch design and your branch concept.

F-Line self-service systems as brand ambassador

KePlus F-Line ATMs can be covered in glass or other materials to mirror the bank's corporate identity.

KePlus cladding concept

Simple and direct cladding of the self-service system with safety glass guarantees a clean and modern appearance for your freestanding self-service system.

In the KEBA standard, the elegant version in white is available, but an individual design in RAL special colors that reflect your institute’s colors is also possible.

KePlus glass wall mounting doesn't only look good but can be installed as a maximum wheelchair accessible version.

KePlus glass wall mounting

The seamless integration of evo systems into a glass wall emphasizes the clear design language of this product family and makes a modern, frameless wall mounting possible – again without bevels or other cost-intensive frame constructions.

A wheelchair accessible version offers wheelchair users improved visibility, usability and privacy. We would like to support you in integrating our evo systems into your branch design.

Counter solutions with seamlessly integrated ATMs of the evo series help to increase efficiency in your branch.

KePlus counter solutions

evo systems from the F-Line can also be integrated into counter architecture. Combined with the ability to recycle up to eight denominations, this makes it possible to offer efficient general and counter services. Nothing stands in the way of self-service register concepts, a replacement for TAUs or fully automated service in small branches.

At KEBA, concept studies for this are constantly being tested.

If you are interested in novel counter solutions, we would like to talk to you in detail about possible solutions and to support you with implementing them.


Equipped for the requirements of the future

Investment protection included

With evo, you’re on the safe side. Not only because of the integrated safety concept and the wide range of application and design options, but also because of the easy retrofitting of functions and features.

Thanks to its modular design, the F-Line not only gives you the option of retrofitting the coin deposit component at a later time – but also functions that are completely unknown at the time of purchase.

Using a so-called “wing”, KePlus F10 becomes KePlus FX10 quickly and easily. This means your investment is protected and future-proof, and you have maximum flexibility to extend functions in the device at a later date.


  • All cash transactions in one modular system
  • Up to eight denominations can be recycled
  • Future-proof thanks to the flexible retrofitting option utilizing the wing component (whichever function will be crucial for your services in the future)
  • Creatively adaptable to branch and corporate design
  • Simple and seamless branch integration possible
  • Combination of automated services and counter services with consulting
  • Implementing cashless branches

Product comparison table

  KePlus R10 KePlus RT10 KePlus RX10 KePlus F10 KePlus FT10 KePlus FX10
15" Multi-Touch Display
19" Multi-Touch Display
denominations can be recycledUp to 4Up to 4Up to 4Up to 8Up to 8Up to 8
Dual recycling cassettes (optional)    
Coin withdrawal
Wing    retrofitting 
Coin withdrawal   retrofitting 
Complete integration into branch architecture    
Suitable for outdoors    
bundle size300 banknotes300 banknotes300 banknotes300 banknotes300 banknotes300 banknotes


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