KePol Parcel lockers

One modular system – lots of potential applications

No matter whether you’re looking for a delivery locker for postal operators and logistics providers, a pick-up point for online shops in the eCommerce sector or a Click & Collect solution for the retail industry – we can offer the ideal solution for any scenario!

KEBA has been developing and manufacturing package lockers for the European market for over 20 years. Our experts’ vast and long-standing expertise is the jewel in our crown and has enabled us to create two highly available parcel locker series: the KePol FS series and the KePol Flex series. Ensuring optimum usability is a cornerstone of both series, and the results speak for themselves.

What’s more, they both come in an eco version for outstanding energy savings. The mix of lockers can be adjusted to suit each individual site, which maximises the utilisation of the parcel machines and optimises the Total Cost of Ownership.

"Thanks to our broad portfolio and modular designs, our parcel lockers are suitable for any site. This ensures that our flexible lockers can always be located close to the end customer, meaning they’re sure to be popular and making it simple to choose which site to use."

Reinhard Kempinger
Product manager
KEBA KePol Flex GL and KePol Flex SL parcel locker

KePol Flex Series

The anywhere lockers

The KePol Flex series is your ideal choice if you need fast, affordable and hassle-free installation without the need for on-site preparations. The delivery lockers can be operated using a traditional touchscreen as well as a smartphone.

2 KEBA parcel stations: KePol FS09 and KePol FS10

KePol FS Series

Very versatile thanks to wealth of options

The KePol FS series boasts an extensive range of options with the right solution for every scenario, be it a roof for customers, a photovoltaic module or installation indoors. The impressive KePol FS09 and KePol FS10 automated machines allow for large-scale installations that can contain several hundred boxes.

Woman opens a box of a KEBA parcel station and holds a parcel in her hand

Which parcel locker is the right one?

Choosing the best parcel station for your circumstances isn’t always easy. You need to consider many different criteria, including

  • The specific site
  • Power supply
  • Configuration
  • Weather conditions
  • Mix of lockers

Naturally, the way in which your end customers use the package lockers plays a key role, as does an accessible locker design.

Our blog post examines what other things need to be considered when making your selection and which factors play a role in the decision.

Product comparison

  KePol Flex SL KePol Flex GL KePol FS-09 KePol FS-10
Installation without site preparation  
Operation with touchscreen 
Operation with smartphone
Power supply via power grid 
Power supply with photovoltaic  
Power supply via battery  
Usual box mix130 boxes for 10 virtually grouped lockers165312351
Maximum number of boxes240 boxes for 10 virtually grouped lockers280585624
Intended useSmall locationsMedium to large locationsLarge locationsLarge locations
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