8 questions that facilitate the purchase of a parcel locker

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The purchase of a parcel locker is preceded by many questions: Where should the parcel machine be located? What are the power supply options? What options are available in terms of use? The decision for or against a particular provider depends on considerations such as these and many other factors. For this reason, we have addressed 8 important questions in this article, which should serve as a basis for your decision to purchase a parcel locker.

Location questions

The future location of the parcel locker determines the requirements that will be placed on it:

Where should the parcel locker be placed?
The right location is crucial to whether people notice the parcel locker and actually use it. It must be well findable and accessible placed. This applies regardless of whether the parcel locker is to be inside a building or outside. In addition, a key factor is the space required. And here, not only the positioning area of the parcel locker is relevant. The opening angle and size of the lockers also play a role. In addition, the parcel locker must not obstruct any escape routes.

What weather conditions must the parcel locker withstand?
Outdoor parcel lockers are constantly exposed to the elements: rain, snow, wind, storms, sunlight - all these factors can limit their usability and service life. But that's not all: unstable facilities can, for example, pose a safety risk for delivery staff and customers in high winds.
When buying a parcel locker for outdoor use, be sure to look for high-quality materials and components. This is the only way to ensure that it will function properly in the long term, even under difficult weather conditions.

Which structural framework conditions are given?
The right space for a parcel locker is not always directly available. Therefore, before purchasing, find out exactly what site preparations need to be made: Is a foundation necessary? Is the load-bearing capacity of the footprint high enough? This question may be important, for example, if the parcel locker is installed on the ground floor of a building with a basement.

Is a power connection available? Is a parcel locker with battery and photovoltaic system desired or needed?
Parcel lockers can be operated not only via a classic power connection, but also autarkically with a photovoltaic system and a storage battery. If no power connection is available or if this cannot be realized structurally, the combination of PV system and battery is a good - and even more sustainable - alternative.

Questions about usage or usage behavior

Accessibility and service are two factors that must be considered when choosing the appropriate parcel locker. The following questions may be relevant:

How can the parcel locker be made easily accessible to all customers?
In addition to the general question of where the parcel locker should be located, accessible usability also plays an essential role. The parcel locker should be placed in such a way that wheelchair users, parents with baby carriages and people who rely on walking aids can also reach and use it perfectly.

KEBA parcel lockers, for example, offer the technical requirements for depositing parcels for registered users in the immediate vicinity of the display. For customers who require voice guidance, acoustic assistance is possible in the form of instructions ("The open compartment is directly in front of you above the display") or signals (continuous tone until the compartment is fully open). As a general rule, the area directly in front of the parcel locker must be large enough to allow unrestricted movement. In addition, it must be easy to open and close the compartments.

How should deliverers and customers operate the parcel locker?
Delivery/collection via app on smartphone or a display directly at the parcel locker? When choosing the operating option, you should always keep your target groups in mind: Who primarily uses the parcel locker? For the best possible acceptance, good operability is essential.

Our KePol Flex Series for fast, cost-effective and easy installation without foundation preparation

Configuration questions

A standard solution is not always the right one. Therefore, you should also consider issues related to the configuration of the package station:

How many modules/subjects should the parcel locker have? Is a customized mix of compartments needed?
A parcel locker should be adapted to the respective situation as best as possible. Standard models, on the other hand, often do not meet all requirements. Especially in the click & collect sector, larger goods are often deposited in compartments. Find out in advance from the various manufacturers whether such a customizing option is available.

Do you need a turnkey solution or a custom assembly of components?
An all-in-one solution guarantees you perfect matching of all components and thus maximum reliability. However, if you want to use your own software solution, for example, a good manufacturer can also supply you exclusively with the appropriate hardware. In this context, also clarify questions about commissioning and service: Who will take care of installation and roll-out? Who is responsible in the event of a fault? Is there a service plan? Malfunctions during operation are not only annoying for your customers or delivery staff, they can also have a negative impact on you and your company, such as loss of sales or a bad reputation.

KEBA as an all-in-one provider or also for the individual combination of components

What happens now?

You could already answer the above questions for yourself? Perfect - because then you have already taken a major step towards acquiring your parcel locker. Now it's time to select the provider that's right for you.

As a pioneer in optimizing the first and last mile of parcel delivery, we are happy to assist you. Contact us and let's talk about your individual requirements. We look forward to working with you to realize your project!

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