Automation by innovation.

Committed to our motto

In accordance with our motto, "Automation by innovation", we focus all of our thoughts and actions on the world of tomorrow. Every day we find new solutions that simplify existing processes, make them faster, or result in entirely new applications.

Sensing trends – innovation management
KEBA offers its own in-house innovation management team. The team is focused on the specific search, systematic evaluation, and structured and successful realization of innovations.

The KEBA innovation network even stretches outside of the company and includes numerous external partners like research institutes, universities, and international panels of experts.

Whether through customer surveys, lead user workshops, customer idea workshops, or expert discussions, the methodologically supported procedure in the innovation process ensures that right information at the right time and helps KEBA to create innovative products.

Culture of innovation - basis for innovative products

Freedom and open communication across all KEBA departments are the success factors for generating new ideas.

KEBA guarantees its employees this room to maneuver as well as the opportunity to exchange knowledge and network, and encouraging them to act independently and continue to learn is a central key value at KEBA.

The specific networking of employees in the R&D department with development departments in other companies with comparable tasks promotes thinking outside the box, leads to new ideas and is fixed component of a culture of innovation.

Idea awards

Once a year the top 3 ideas are awarded a prize as part of our Innovation Festival.

Idea database (KIP)

Employees can add their ideas to the KEBA idea database. There is a clear distribution of responsibilities and the contributor of the idea is shown the processing status.

20% R&D rate

As a future-oriented company with the goal of creating added value for our customers, we invest about 20% of our turnover into R&D projects every year. In our business areas, we are always in competition with international corporations. With a high degree of innovation and flexibility, we are also successful as the market leader in numerous niches.


The key value of patents - especially important for our customers to differentiate themselves in their market segments - is very high at KEBA. The continued analysis of patents and testing of patentability of new approaches in an early developmental stage ensures a systematic approach.

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KEBA - Automation by innovation.