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Comfortable for all

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Around the clock

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Citizens' Office 2.0 with KeCity Point Service Terminals

Citizens' expectations of public administration have risen sharply in recent years: people want convenient service, ideally around the clock, quickly and without an appointment.

In turn, the shortage of staff in public authorities, influenced by demographic change, requires efficient processes to cope with the multitude of tasks. Digitalization is also playing an increasingly important role. Legislators are taking these circumstances into account by creating the appropriate legal framework.

Self-service terminals provide particular support in this context, as they relieve public administration employees of recurring standard tasks.

Digitization is not just online

Why self-service is necessary in digital administration.

Online does not reach all

A considerable proportion - more than 10 percent of the population - has neither a computer nor an Internet connection. Others find it difficult to use online services. Many people also do not have the technical prerequisites.

Analog use still popular

What is convenient for citizens is what is used. This can be a purely digital channel at one point in time, or a mixture of analog and digital at another. The self-service channel enables both.

Available at any time

The Public Point is a unique alternative for providing citizens with digital access to administrative services. The devices are also available outside of the administration's opening hours, whether in the self-service area, in the foyer or in public places.

Technical equipment

The technical equipment of the devices offers all components required for a complete application: Scanning of attachments, identification by means of the electronic ID card, printing of certificates or receipts, right through to payment of fees by EC card.

Safe handover

Thanks to output compartments that are variable in size and number, ID cards, documents, and even license plates can be securely handed over. Two-factor authentication and a high security standard ensure that nothing falls into the wrong hands.

Relieving the burden on employees

The Public Point relieves the workload of administrative staff, especially for routine transactions that are not very complex. This means that even citizens without access to digital services can submit applications digitally, while employees can concentrate on their core tasks.

Citizen terminal revolutionized: KeCity Point by KEBA

The KeCity Point is more than just a familiar citizen terminal. In addition to submitting applications, documents can be handed in or picked up here. Additional components allow a broader range of applications and create added value - both for citizens and for the public administration.

Application and document delivery in one

Offer your citizens a wide range of services, regardless of the administration's opening hours. With the new KeCity Point, applications can be submitted quickly and accurately. The integrated A4 scanner makes it possible to attach any additional proofs and documents that may be required. A printer and numerous document trays are available for possible output.

Simplest operability for maximum success

Application forms are translated into an easy-to-use interface, creating low-threshold access to the administrative services offered. The intuitive user guidance of the terminal as well as the software platform allow all citizens a comfortable operation. The terminal is barrier-free according to current standards (ADA 2010 and EN 301 549) and convinces with high user-friendliness.

Safe all along the line

Citizens can identify themselves securely at KeCity Point using their electronic ID card. Documents and ID cards can be picked up at any time. In addition to identification via the electronic ID card, other options such as QR and barcode scanners or a fingerprint scanner are also available - depending on security requirements. Any fees incurred can be paid cashless using an EC card.

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