Solutions for machine tools

CNC technology for high-performance machine tools

Technology + partnership create competitive edge

KEBA has been automating machine tools for more than 40 years and is one of the few companies in the world to own their own CNC and robotics kernel. We are happy to share our experience and technologies with you in order to work together on developing solutions that enable you to rise above the competition.

Our CNC kernel has been the recognized industry benchmark for decades whenever customers are looking for high processing speeds, precision, and flexibility.

Our high-level Flexprog language and the direct expansions of the CNC kernel allow us to implement even highly specific requirements with power and efficiency.
The machining process is of crucial importance for the quality of a machine tool and its final product. For this reason, we develop and build precision tool spindles with conventional and magnetic bearings (6D spindles) as well as high-performance controllers for laser sources and galvanometric scanner axes.

Illustration of automation pyramid

Our solution portfolio for machine tools

KEBA supplies complete automation solutions that includes mobile and stationary panels, CNC controllers, safety controllers, drive controllers with safe motion monitoring, I/Os, servo motors, tool spindles, laser source control, and galvanometric axes.

Machine-specific solutions

Outstanding productivity with innovative solutions.

CNC systems for laser processing

Laser in action - sparks are flying

The performance, variability and digitization of laser processing machines places extremely high demands on the automation system. Drawing on 40 years of expertise in CNC technology and many long-standing technology partnerships, KEBA offers open, innovative, and compact CNC solutions for a digital future.

  • 2D laser processing
  • Tube cutting
  • Laser micro-processing
  • Combined punch/laser processing

Roller bearing spindles

Product illustration of KEBA spindle for machine tools

Tailor-made precision

The integration of KEBA Spindle Technology GmbH (former Heinz Fiege GmbH) has provided KEBA with 60 years of experience in the design and construction of tool spindles with roller bearings. We focus in particular on analyzing specific application requirements in order to offer the optimal custom solution.

Perfect for your applications

  • Full-service provider for consultation, design, development, production and servicing of spindles
  • We offer a broad range of spindle types for mechanical engineering: milling spindles, motor spindles, drill spindles, grinding spindles, dressing spindles, and special spindles

Magnetic bearing spindles

LeviSpin - magnetic bearing drill spindle

A machining revolution

With LeviSpin R140, KEBA offers a 3rd-generation magnetic bearing spindle.
An oscillation motion superimposed over the feedrate breaks the chips in a controlled manner.

Outstanding benefits

  • Processing speed increased by 200–400 %
  • Tool wear reduced to less than 50 %

Milling, turning, grinding, bending

Plate Bending Machine

Milling, turning, grinding and bending machines place the highest demands on the drive technology. Our ServoOne CM and ServoOne drive systems are designed for this very purpose. They achieve the maximum precision and dynamic that are possible with the existing machine kinematics.

  • Fast sampling times: Setpoint specification via field bus, position and speed controllers: 125 μs, current controller: 62.5 μs
  • Low-noise detection of all analog variables and high computing power thanks to custom-developed drive ASIC
  • Compensation of encoder errors and mechanical errors
  • Large selection of feedback systems: Resolver, Hiperface, Hiperface DSL, SinCos, EnDat/rotative and linear encoders
  • Single-axis, double-axis, and triple-axis controllers require less space and save costs
  • Passive and active supply units
  • Built-in safety technology

HMI for machine tools

Product illustration of KEBA HMI for machine tools

New custom visualization provides better differentiation of your machine

A separate custom visualization emphasizes the particular strengths of your machine tool and improves the usability of your machine tool. The KeStudio ViewEdit project planning software can be used to create a controller-independent visualization application in addition to the NC visualization

The future of your machine tool HMI starts now

Multitouch operation

Innovative technologies for user-centered user interfaces

The HMI provides the direct contact between the user and your machine. This critical interface decides whether your machine appears to be intuitive, powerful and well-designed. Our usability experts work with you to quickly develop the new user interface for operating your machine. User-centered design is used to create user interfaces that work for people.

Product illustration of a KEBA KeWheel rotary push button

KeWheel - adaptive MRF rotary push button

With the fully adaptive rotary push button KeWheel as the main operating element, input options such as for overrides, hand wheels, mode-selection switches, axis travel buttons, and the user interface can be combined in a single device. The KeWheel provides the operator with additional information about the condition of the machine through a broad range of haptic feedback.

KeWheel Video - You need to feel this!

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The perfect handheld device for any use


KeTops are the leading solution worldwide for mobile operation. Machine operators enjoy their outstanding flexibility and efficiency.

Product illustration of KEBA servo motors in different sizes

Servo motors

Check out the wide range of the KEBA servo motor series, and you will find exactly the right motor for your machine.

Product illustration of a ServoOne Safety

Safety technology

KEBA provides modular safety solutions for innovative requirements in machine safety.

Product illustration of a controller


Intelligent automation with KEBA’s powerful technologies and turnkey software solutions

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